SahiGST: Managing GST Return Filing & Reconciliation Through a Cloud - Based Application

R N Iyer,  CEOSahiGST is a cloud based GST return filing software from the house of Vayana Network India’s largest third party Short term Trade Financing platform(and also a Govt.authorized GSP under the brand name Vayana GSP). One of the key aspects of SahiGST is its Maker Checker System, that gives users the entire trail of the filing process a complete view of who did what and when in the filing process. The application is powered by APIs from GSTN, which is quite unprecedented among GST solutions. SahiGST is fast becoming the best GST filing solution in the market today, serving GST compliance needs for thousands of GST registered taxpayers.

A Scalable Architecture for Multiple Players
From validations to powerful reconciliations, and professional support with a secure web based approach, SahiGST has become
the overarching solution for all the entities that need to file and manage GST returns. With unlimited numbers of GSTINs enabled in the platform, CAs can manage multiple clients’ returns in a single account while also being able to create customer specific usernames and passwords.

SahiGST is fast becoming the best GST filing solution in the market today, serving GST compliance needs for thousands of GST registered taxpayers

CAs have experienced several backlogs and complexities due to the short lifespan of One Time Password(OTP). SahiGST has simplified this by automatically refreshing and extending the sessions on behalf of the taxpayers for the next 30 days before requiring them to re authenticate through an OTP based process. SahiGST supports all return filings for standard taxpayers as mandated by the GSTN.

One of the key tools in SahiGST is the Invoice Reconciliation module. While invoice reconciliation is to be done by customers daily, SahiGST provides the simplest approach to manage data & reconciliation.
Errors are classified into different buckets and these Segmented Classifications’ are sent to customers as notifications to help them complete all the validations in an easy, structured manner.

SahiGST also extends its expertise to individuals like business owners and SMEs for GST compliance. Burdened with skewed balance sheets that largely ignore GST related data, SMEs are often perceived as high risk borrowers due to their insufficient assets and low capitalization, which forces them to be dependent on NBFCs that give them high-cost credit. Instead, SahiGST helps SMEs with credit friendly GST return related data making it easy for them to meet their working capital needs from multiple financial institutions that rely on GST data for alternate credit scoring models.

Simplifying Complex GST SahiGST is certified for data security guidelines,including compliance with ISO 27001:2013. It simplifies the work of CAs and also helps them expand their business. The application is designed keeping in mind not only CAs who benefit and are able to retain their customers, but also SMEs & individual taxpayers who rely on it for simple GST return filing and compliance. SahiGST boasts of a high retention rate as they continue to add customers like S K Jain GST Consultant LLP, NASSCOM, United Breweries Ltd, V-Guard Industries Ltd and many more.