Pl Foams (Pyarelal) Group: Redefining The Way Traditional Family-Owned Businesses Run In India

India is home to the largest number of family owned & operated businesses in the world. However, a majority of these family businesses are often in news due to wrong reasons – family disputes, legal complications or losses. As a result, they lack the necessary confidence to scale-up their business. Among such myriad family run companies, one familyrun business that has successfully created a niche market for itself through sheer unity & confidence among the top management team and their vast industry expertise is PL Foams (Pyarelal) Group.

Established in 1982 as a manufacturer of Natural Latex & Rubberized Coir mattresses, the company is run by two generations of entrepreneurs and has its operations in UP, Kerala and Maharashtra. “We are a core committee of 10 people comprising of four Founder Directors (1st generation) and six other Directors (2nd generation) who run the entire Group. Each one of us has our own vital role to play in the respective regions. The founding team has been the main pillar of strength for the PL Foams (Pyarelal) Group. Since the founders were technically sound and experienced with profound knowledge of the industry and the machineries involved, they self-fabricated the machinery and the production line for coir and latex manufacturing”, says Sagar Goel, who is one of the Directors of the PL Foams (Pyarelal) Group.

PL Foams (Pyarelal) is among the very few organizations that are completely family-run in terms of the management team. The Group follows traditional practices infused with modern techniques, which serves as its foundation. It wants to establish a benchmark in terms of the true potential of a family managed business. Maintaining unity and running an organization requires a lot of strength. Indian companies can easily surpass their Asian counterparts in the near future if Indian companies successfully tap into this aspect.

“Being a very dynamic family, we foray into any industry where we see opportunities. The group is also involved in other areas like real estate, cineplexes and is continually looking at opportunities in different industries. However, the group’s primary focus is in the manufacturing of PU foams, mattresses of all varieties; ranging from foam, coir, latex, spring etc. and allied products. The group’s vision is very clear – to be the largest B2B supplier globally where all the products pertaining to the mattress industry can be catered under a single roof”, adds Sagar Goel.

PL Foams (Pyarelal) Group offers quality products in both organized and unorganized sectors, matching and even surpassing the quality standards of any national or internationally known brands. Thus, the company is currently positioned among the top-5 companies in India in the organized & branded category and holds top position in the unorganized and non-branded segment. Apart from the mainline mattress industry, PL Foams (Pyarelal)'s Flexible PU Foam business line provides durable solutions for a wide variety of customer needs in areas such as silencing, sealing, filtering, carrying, protecting, supporting and comforting. In general, it focus on the production, transformation and commercialization of predominantly customized, semi-finished products in flexible polyurethane foam.

Being completely forward and backward integrated, PL Foams (Pyarelal) manufactures primary, secondary, auxiliary and finished products across all three regions. The group’s foam activities are organized around two poles – Comfort Foams, which mainly comprises bulk commodities for upholstered furniture and mattresses; and Technical Foams, which offer specialties for higher value-added applications. Technical foam types are used in a wide range of applications such as sealing and silencing in passenger cars and industrial equipment, sponges, scouring pads, filters, paint rollers and packaging.

PU Foams are used in vehicles, mattresses, sofas,packaging, medical equipment, specific materials for sport & leisure facilities and in all kinds of industrial equipment. Customers are constantly finding new applications for PU foams. The key to the success of PU foams is their seemingly endless versatility. They can be tailored to almost any application, and PL Foams (Pyarelal) is continually innovating to optimize its product range in line with new demands and ideas. Thus, the group now has a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that meet the functional requirements of each market it serves.

“Backward production integration has proved to be one of the major reasons for the group’s success. As of today, we manufacture 90 percent of the raw materials used in the mattresses, in house including wire drawing for spring mattresses, non-woven fabric, knitted fabric, natural rubber latex, rubberized coir, all varieties of foam, felt and narrow woven fabric. This also ensures total control over the quality we promise and deliver. We can proudly say that we are the only group in the world having an integrated setup of this extent and manufacturing a plethora of products used in the manufacture of mattresses and allied products. The manufacture of mattresses and allied products. We use cutting-edge technologies in our manufacturing process and continually upgrade our technology as needed. Since we are into volume-based product manufacturing, technology plays a very vital role in the advancement and volume capitalization. The group boasts of using the best in time technology for all the production processes. We have the latest technologies from Germany, UK, Turkey, Korea and China”, Sagar further explains.

We can proudly say that we are The only group in the world having An integrated setup of this extent And manufacturing a plethora of Products used in the manufacture of Mattresses and allied products

PL Foams (Pyarelal) Group is now focusing on sustainability by ensuring that the mattresses manufactured can be biodegraded or 100 percent recycled in house. The group has also shown environmental consciousness by using natural sources of energy like solar energy to fuel the establishments. To address global opportunities, the group is centralizing all of its operations and establishing comprehensive and robust system processes and management.

“We want to contribute to the economy through exports and society through sustainable product innovation and development. We would also like to welcome both domestic and international businesses with whom we can do OEM manufacturing and form joint ventures”, concludes Sagar Goel, one of the Directors of the PL Foams (Pyarelal) Group.