Verkko Global: The Fulcrum to Global Economy & Trade

Governments and other institutions around the world need to embrace new ways of thinking and actively engage in widespread systems innovation to make real progress toward a healthier, more prosperous world. Bilateral economic co-operation between countries and organizations is going to be the corner stone in this endeavour, which is getting further enhanced by the significant strides in technology across the world. It was evident that the global trade and business generation is the most compelling proposition in the present economy driven diplomacy of the world.

Having observed this shift up close, JuergenHase, Managing Director, VerkkoGlobal says, “We found that driving this economic narrative across borders would help in a social responsibility as well on various fronts including poverty alleviation, climate change which made us to focus on developing markets”. Adding, Nidhi Shree, Chief Business Officer, Verkko Global, says, “We believe that driving these narratives would be able to touch the lives of millions over a period of time, while we are able to make a positive change in the business generation landscape of the countries we operate in is the key driver and feature which we stand for”.

People, Product, Partnerships and Pricing are the 4 pillars of Verkko’s success and growth

Verkko Management Consultants Private Limited’s Verkko Global is a Global Trade Generating and management consultancy Organization based in India, with active presence in 10+ countries.Verkko Global works with customers to support them in achieving inorganic growth in different markets, foreign direct Investments and in conceptualizing, strategizing and operationalizing International business. Verkko delivers an end to end solution from Advisory to Consultation to Execution, with compelling value propositions, thereby becoming a partner to the customers’ business than just a pure play consultant.

4Ps of Success
People, Product, Partnerships and Pricing are the 4 pillars of Verkko’s success and growth. These 4Ps are delivered on the back of 3Ts Team work, Transparency and Trust between a vibrant mix of Industry Veterans, Domain Experts, Policy Makers the young and passionate.

Verkko Global’s service stack is built on concentric circles, with customer being in the centre and International trade and FDI being the first ring, Export Import being the next layer, Capital advisory and Market research as the next and Digital services covering the last circle. This implies that any Trade and business generation which Verkko has from India or otherwise for its customers, the firm would be in a position to provide a single point of contact and use the plethora of levers which would help to optimise the outcome for Verkko’s clients. Verkko’s flag ship offering is for the International trade and FDI. Commenting on the Covid affected economy and its remedy that Verkko offers, Pradeep Sreedharan, Chairman to the Board says, “In the pre and post Covid era, the already shrunk economy which is expected to bounce back, needs significant co-operation between nations and organizations. The growth can be achieved only through using the inorganic levers which we are quite strong in and we along with the plethora of services aligned with us, we bring in a compelling proposition to our customers”.

Verkkois associated with Indian Railways in product developments, with some African countries in Rail¬way engagements, and has been supporting Indian B2B organisations as a part of Make in India campaign in Manufacturing sector. Verkko Global is also helping few Indian organisations in enhancing their technology map from outside India and engaged in building strategy road map for Indian companies with Market research, competitive analysis etc. for future revenue growth.

The firm takes pride in being part of the catalysts that brought back the economy on its feet. With a clear roadmap and enhanced resource capabilities, Verkko Global is set to become a Tier 1 organization in the near future.