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Milind Mangle, Chief Consultant & TrainerThe past decade has witnessed a significant evolution in the global workforce. There have been several factors at play here. An increasingly competitive business landscape, rising complexity, and the digital revolution are remodelling the mix of employees. Meanwhile, persistent uncertainty, a multigenerational workforce, and a shorter shelf life for knowledge have levied premium on reskilling and upskilling. This obviously means one thing: the shift to a digital, knowledge-based economy demands a vibrant workforce. More so, research suggests that a very significant percentage of market capitalization in public companies is based on intangible assets like skilled employees, exceptional leaders, and knowledge. All of these parameters have elevated the importance of the learning-and-development (L&D) function. Based out of Mumbai, Angle Consultancy and Services offers a wide range of managed consulting and training services right from setting up the company to launching products, from strategizing to execution and from Leadership Development Programs to Entry Level Trainings.

A Journey
Today, Angle Consultancy and Services is one of the leading agencies providing training and consultancy across industries. The name `Angle' captures the philosophy of the company. Here the word Angle means `Perspective'. The company delivers solutions taking a holistic view of the client's business. For any business there are two pillars, People and Brands. "You build these two things and your business is built. That's how our company's tagline comes -Build People. Build Products. Build Business", explains Milind Mangle, Chief Consultant & Trainer, Angle Consultancy & Services.

Angle Consultancy & Services is ISO 9001:2015 Certified, professionally managed consulting and training enterprise with a wide network of associates across India and outside.

"Our strength lies in end to end understanding of the business, right from setting up the company to launching products, from strategizing to execution and from Leadership Development Programs to Entry Level Trainings", says Milind. He has a solid experience of more than 27 years working with leading Indian and Global multinational companies at senior level. This experience is backed by two academic post-graduate qualifications. Milind is an award winning, Internationally Certified Coach and one of the most sought after Trainer today. He has 8 awards to his credit so far.

Throughout his career, whichever capacity he worked in, developing people was his passion. From this passion comes the vision of the company i.e. to impact people and organizations positively to help them realize their potential and lead a successful life.

Milind Mangle's Enlightenment that Laid the Foundations
A plethora of Managing Directors, Senior industry professionals and other clients have given testimonials like `Highly practical' `From Workshop to Workstation'. This is because Milind has hands on experience of working in various functions like Sales, Marketing, Production, HR, Technical, and Consultancy R&D. Milind is of the opinion that, what organisations want is improving the productivity through functional competency. However, he also explains, "You can't just improve functional competencies without looking at the behavioural competencies, attitude and motivation level of the person". This is where Angle Consultancy and Services comes into the picture. The firm seamlessly blends functional competencies with behavioural competencies and mindset. "There is no bigger waste than human beings spending all their life without realising their full potential", says Milind. His understanding of human's capacity to learn does not come from the books but his own experience. He has experienced a transformation in his life.

Milind narrates his personal experience, "My left eye is not developed. My right eye is the only functional eye. One day I got up and I realized that I have lost sight of my right eye, the only good eye. I underwent four eye surgeries to get my eye-sight back. I lived like a blind
person for one and half-year. I was not prohibited from taking a head bath or hair cut for one and half year. I was confined to one room. The whole world outside was shut. The only option I was left with was to travel inside. I spent two years immersed in meditation. I experienced a complete transformation inside-out. I realised thinking can help you to exploit your full potential. I lost my eye-sight, but I got my vision".

It was this realisation of unleashing the potential that laid the foundation of the mission of Angle Consultancy and Services ­ "To enable people to realize self-potential by improving attitude and skills through training interventions. To help the organizations to achieve desired objective through improved productivity, improved market share and creating loyal customers".

Diversity in Services
Starting with Healthcare vertical as it's core segment today, Angle Consultancy and Services is providing services to various industries like ITES, Engineering, Construction, FMCG, Automobile, and Advertising etc. Angle Consultancy and Services is a one-stop solution for training needs of any organisation, right from Training Need Analysis (TNA) to Sustainability.

Team Angle believes in working in team within the organization and in partnership with its clients. "We always want the client to feel that they are getting much more than what they are giving", says Milind Mangle. Generously, he further adds, "I owe all the success to the almighty, my well wishers and to my team, especially Nitin Kagalkar, Senior Consultant & Trainer and Samiksha Rajpal, who looks after Corporate Affairs".

Angle Consultancy & Services' future growth drivers are Digital L&D and Complete Outsourcing of Training Departments. "We are not here because there is a good potential, we are here because that is what we are. For me success will not be turnover in Dollars but how many people we are providing job opportunities and livelihood", concludes Milind Mangle.

Angle consultancy and services is a one-stop solution for training needs of any organisation, right from training need analysis (TNA) to sustainability

Angle Consultancy And Services' Impressive Track Record Over Last 9 Years:
• 40,000 Professional Trained
• 80 Countries professional Trained From
• 75 Module
• 65 Module Organizations
• 28 Years Of Experience
• 12 Industries
• 10 Fortune 1000 Clients
• 15 clients Above 1 Billion Usd

Services Offered
• Online Training
• Executive Coaching
• Customized Training
• Leadership Development
• Organizational Development
• Managerial Development
• Experiential Trainings
• Sales Rep Training
• Medical Training
• Staff Training
• Outdoor Trainings
• Developing Training Modules
• Training Outsourced Employees

Awards & Accolades
• Top Global Pharma Thought Leader, Singapore
• Best L&D Professional, 2018"
• Top Pharma Innovation Award
• Gem Of India
• Arch Of Excellence
• Achiever Of The Year 2015
• Golden Peacock Award For Excellence In Training By
• Government Of India (Team Award)
• E-Learning Award: Innovative Implementation Of Technology

Transformed Clients Testifying Angle's Result Driven Efforts
• "Our Company Is Listed In Top 150 Companies. These Are The Fruits Of The Interventions Carried Out By Milind Mangle And Team"- MD Of Leading Company In Top 150

• "Very High ROI. I Felt Those Are My Words Coming From Somebody's Mouth" ­ MD Of An Engineering Company

• "Your Program Actually Outperformed The Programs We Have Done In The Past With Various Global Agencies" ­ VP, Leading Global Company

• "I Attended Management Course At A Leading Institute Based At Ahmadabad, And If I Compare Both The Workshops, The Learning In Mr. Milind Mangle's Workshop We Had Are Amazing And Practical To Apply In Our Workstation" ­ Marketing In-Charge Professionals Trained