Data Semantics: Empowering You to Harness the Full Potential of Your Data Assets

Sujith Varghese, CEO, Data SemanticsNo football fan would have forgotten Germany’s fourth FIFA World Cup win. As well as grabbing the headlines for their slick football, Germany’s use of data and analytics also caught the attention of many. Using analytics performed on video data, they cut down a player’s average possession time from 3.4 seconds to 1.1 seconds - a critical improvement that made all the difference. If a hint of data science & analytics can help a team win matches, imagine its game-changing potential in the business world that hosts bulk data incoming, given its advancement over the past four years.

In virtue of big data market that sprints at a pace of 18.45 percent CAGR to expectedly hit $66.79 billion by 2021, the proposition has boiled down to augmenting maximum business value by engendering right information at the right time. Building an inhouse analytics team, all the while ensuring no compromise on managing one’s core business, is a near to impossible challenge for any organization.One of the fastest growing BI, Analytics & Visualization companies, Bangalore-based Data Semantics makes its customers feel that they do it their own by acting as their auxiliary growth arm. Excelling in engineering & modernizing data warehouse, Data Semantics offers ‘actionable-grade information’ imbued with great business sense out of any kind of data.

“Many organizations are spending abundant time to come up with information, which are not reliable enough to take influential decisions. We help organizations overcome this sizeable hurdle with our focus & experience combined with cutting-edge tools and capabilities to harness information in shut-eye time from any data format, be it Application/Human/Machine generated or Social Media Data,” asserts Sujith Varghese, CEO, Data Semantics. Well, if you are spending hours to analyze your data, this company might reduce it to a couple of minutes.

The Growth Story
Came into existence when Big Data was just forming as a culture, Data Semantics maneuvered forward over the years by leaps and bounds, never taking eye off its vision of empowering every organization to harness the full potential of their data assets. Commenced its operations in 2012 from Bangalore by offering Mobile BI, and BI Lifecycle Management, the company explored its limits and went beyond to offer anything and everythingfrom BI & Visualization, Data Warehouse Strategies for optimization and modernization, Data Science applications for predictive and prescriptive analytics, IOT applications and consulting leveraged by data science, to AI strategies and consulting for Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation. It spread like a wildfire to mark its footprints in United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, North America and Europe and across almost every industry vertical.

In the process, Data Semantics struck the eyes of many ‘big fishes’, which subsequently transformed into a prestigious clientele including One of the largest Healthcare giant, to large Retailers, FMCG clients, alongside the country’s largest manufacturing houses and IT companies. Today Data Semantics is an integral part of many an organizations growth strategy by providing services that generate business value by efficiently leveraging the organizations data assets to managing the entire data science infrastructure, enabling organizations to concentrate on their core competencies and just consume the business insights provided.

“Choosing the right strategy to increase sales, whether to have a celebrity endorse your product or just giving customers an optimum discount, can change an organization’s fortune. Over and above strategizing the best platforms and processes to store and manage our customer’s data, we apply data science to this data to give our customers deeper insights into their business, that in turn drives them to cost savings and higher revenue” adds Sujith. This thought and approach enabled one of the premier coffee chains, to grow exponentially by equipping them with insights on inventory proportions, strategies for optimizing their kitchen operations and bringing out the right product mix.
This is however just the tip of the iceberg. Adding business value is a deeper, comprehensive and technologically advanced process for Data Semantics. For instance, almost every retailer today monitors and analyzes the number of customer visits and their buying patterns, being ambitious of accordingly devising their inventory and supply chain. Data Semantics today uses advanced techniques of Video streaming, image recognition and face recognition and combines with structured data in applications to come with insights which could have never been imagined before. This priceless information with norm sales data, Data Semantics augments impeccable accessories to its customer in terms of recognizing what sells when. Furthermore, the company goes an extra mile forward to facilitate futuristic technologies like digital price tag, smart shelves which not only allows seamless communication with database to improve accuracy of inventory management, reduces efforts in stock counting, fraud and right consumer pricing.

Today Data Semantics is an integral part of many an organizations growth strategy by providing services that generate business value

A Futuristic Backend Changing the Game
“Turning back, leveraging the right technology & tools at the right time has given us the edge to stay ahead of competition. We invest a lot in comprehending and commanding the technological advancements and strive to provide our customers with brimful of benefits,” adjoins Sujith. Data Semantics ensures its place at the edge of innovation by running the practice on multiple Centers of Excellence, Advanced Analytics, Data Visualization, Data Engineering, RPA & AR Applications, IOT Services, headed by seasoned subject matter experts to ensure that each finger of the hand gets equal focus, guidance and opportunity to maximize their competencies.

Since the huge time consumed for understanding datasets forms bottlenecks, Vizlab week after week comes up with the best possible visualization to represent a particular data set, and hence mitigates the predicament. Not to mention its CoE for IoT,wherein apart from harnessing data, the company even helps its customers choose the right network and inter-operable hardware. Shedding light on security of these solutions, Sujith adds, “In addition to adopting best breed of practices and adhering to all the regulatory compliances, our on premise/cloud based Data Engineering & Data Science solutions are powered by leaders in the space who boasts of stalwart security firewalls”. This in fact not only sends home the security concerns, but also fetches customers, since the company has been established as a go-to provider of these leading platforms.

Learning – The Keyword for Future
Remaining a bootstrapped company after six years, Data Semantics records a growth pace of 20-25 percent quarter on quarter. 150+ Dasmanos driving towards the solitary mission of conquering at least 10 percent of the market share in India within the next five years, the company envisions moving on the same track and pace.

Prathiksha Michael, CPO, Data Semantics, deserves an applause for evolving people strategies and culture that are conducive to the organization’s responsibilities towards its customers and mission. She is aiming at doubling the workforce by EO 2018, ensuring a healthy skill matrix and presence in all of Data Semantics’s operational geographies.

Imaduddin Shah, the young, energetic and bashful CTO of Data Semantics has been the driving force behind strategies that have expanded the organization’s technology competencies and adding multiple plug and play analytical solutions to an ever-expanding kitty.

Data Semantics never fails to fathom the critical role of learning while achieving its goal, and has devised several in-house training programs and tailor-made study materials. “Learning is an ongoing process for us, and the radar is never restricted to fresher talents. In addition to regular technology training, we provide specialized training to the full house on three predominant aspects - data engineering, data science and business or domain knowledge,” elucidates Roshan Jain, COO, Data Semantics. Having developed a perfect milieu that flourishes individual growth of employees, Data Semantics assures being the best place for any analytics talent to start and build his/her career.

Key Management:
Sujith Varghese, CEO
Bringing in a deep rooted experience of sales & new market penetration, Sujith has been the pivotal presence in the organization. He takes care of business development, product development, innovation, business strategy, finance, talent management, operations and marketing. His insights have been crucial in deciding where the company should focus on.

Roshan Jain, COO
Roshan is a decisive, action-oriented and result-focused professional with over a decade of IT work experience in providing effective solutions, client engagement and project execution under challenging environments. He gets the delivery discipline organized like no one else.

Imaduddin Shah, CTO
Imad is problem solver equipped with a sharp analytical mind and business knowledge that compliments his basket of technology skills. This desire to solve problems keeps him at the edge of innovation.

Prathiksha Michael, CPO
Prathiksha drives the culture and protects values of Data Semantics. One of her priorities is hiring the right talent who are committed to what the company does and ensure equal opportunity to every Dasmano.

Offices: Bangalore(headquarter), Dubai, & U.S

• Business Intelligence& Visualization
• Data Warehouse Modernization
• Data Engineering (on-premise & on-cloud)
• Data Science
• Advanced Analytics
• Artificial intelligence
• Robotic Process Automation& AR