Megamax Services: Leveraging New & Innovative Technologies To Cater To End -To -End Enterprise Requirements

With a considerable impact on the GDP and welfare of the nation, the IT & BPM sector has emerged as one of India's most important economic drivers. In FY22, the IT sector contributed 7.4 percent of India's GDP, and by 2025, it is anticipated to make up 10 percent of India's GDP. Along with the nation's digitalization, the Indian IT sector has developed, drawing several IT companies to set up business due to the country's experienced IT workers and affordable labour prices. Additionally, helpful government initiatives have aided numerous small and large businesses in going digital, raising demand for ICT hardware, software, and services in India. India is now set for the next stage of development in its IT revolution as cutting-edge digital applications penetrate sector after sector.

Founded in 2015, Megamax Services is a global nextgeneration IT managed services and technology firm that assists organizations in reimagining their industries for the digital era with the aid of exceptional NextGen IT Infrastructure, Managed IT Services, Application & Maintenance Services, and Digital Solutions with a focus on providing Digital Transformation and Excellence. Megamax has a strong culture of innovation and taking risks and it is tenacious in its pursuit of strong client relationships and experiences. "Our USP is a 'relentless focus on customer experience and relationship'. In many big companies, customer relationships are somewhat lost in processes and procedures. But we give utmost importance to relationships, so our customer always feels connected & delighted with our services", speaks Rajesh Singh, CMD, Megamax Group.

"Our USP Is That We Relentlessly Focus On Customer Experience And Relationship"

Empowering Businesses with Emerging Technologies
Megamax provides its clients with a range of services, including IT infrastructure and cloud services, application development and maintenance, digital solutions, IT automation, big data and analytics, database management, network solutions, mobile applications, and more. With its headquarters in Noida, and branch offices in several other states of India, the firm has been providing these services for over seven years and currently has a large international clientele. In general, clients have different pain points, such as burden some processes, technical delays for solutions, and even incompetency in providing services, hence, the firm has optimized efficient processes and a highly skilled team to deal with those and provide its customers with the results they expect in an efficient, timely and cost effective manner. By delivering value to its clients' consumers, employees and share holders, the company seeks to increase the effectiveness of its businesses and contribute to the productivity of society.

Megamax reinvents business processes for clients and their companies by fusing the strength of domain enterprise with digital technologies. "We genuinely believe we are 'Empowering Businesses with Emerging Technologies'. We are committed to creating the best customer experience and are dedicated to customer success by keeping their IT requirements up-to-date and well-maintained. The possibilities in the IT field are expanding, and we can say that we are prepared to advance with the latest technologies to empower our clients", speaks Rajesh Singh. With the aid of its skilled, tech-savvy staff, Megamax seeks to offer its customers the most recent IT solutions based on their needs and business. Since Megamax is aware of how crucial data security is, it takes great delight in the secure Managed IT Services, Infrastructure & Technology Solutions, and Services that the firm has established.

Megamax has created and implemented a ground breaking framework that stream lines and automates numerous client onboarding and operational procedures,

"We value each employee as a core team member because our entire team functions as one unit. We value our employees, encourage their development, and reward their performance. Along with customer satisfaction, keeping our employees satisfied and giving them a safe and healthy environment to work is our principle", speaks Rajesh Singh. High on quality output, reliable resources, and commitment to timelines, the team at Megamax constantly provides solutions and innovative ideas to enhance business productivity while adding value to clients' work. Megamax has created and implemented a ground-breaking framework that streamlines and automates numerous client onboarding and operational procedures, including correct documentation, knowledge transfer, and process automation. With less manual intervention and fewer errors, this has improved the efficiency of the company's procedures. The firm's goal is to improve the client's bottom line and business continuity by offering high-quality services and solutions at a reasonable cost.

Megamax has excellent knowledge of the mobile application ecosystem, cutting-edge applications, and the developer community, which enables the firm to always be hands-on and effectively resolve client difficulties. The firm plans to create and put into effect an automation-driven approach to supply cost optimization solutions because it may free up resources from transactions to concentrate on value-added activities. The firm focuses on introducing predictability supported by scientific approaches to provide a stable environment for its clients using NextGen products.

The target operating model(TOM) of Megamax NextGen is tailored to the client's business and IT goals and guarantees the benefits are delivered over the course of the partnership. The firm has so far collaborated with brands like Precisely, AWS, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Dell, HP, VMWare, CISCO, Lenovo, VEEAM, VERITAS, Laser Vault, and more. At the 9th Edition of the India SME 100 Awards in 2022, Rajesh Kumar Singh, MD of Megamax Services is awarded the Winner Trophy by Bhanu Pratap Singh Verma, Hon'ble MOS, MSME, and B. B. Swain, IAS, Secretary Ministry of MSMEs.

Megamax intends to broaden its offerings in AI/ML, one of the IT sectors with the most promising future prospects and is already working on an AI-powered HRMS (Human Resource Management System) to manage HR in commercial settings. "We have expanded Megamax in Aviation and Solar divisions and are doing well in these extended businesses. By the next financial year, we are committed to making Megamax a brand in IT, Aviation & Solar. We are laying the ground work to open a branch office in the UK by March 2023 and plan to increase our employees to 500+ in 2023", signs off Rajesh Singh.