Ayurvedic Treatment: the Historical Medicine

Today, as science makes pragmatic shifts towards evolution across industries, healthcare has been witnessed growing too, making effective discoveries and innovations across treatment and medicine.

In healthcare, amongst many other medicine groups, Ayurveda, finding its origin deeply enrooted in the Indian history is no different. Today, as people are becoming more health conscious and turning to nature elements for precaution and care respective of various health problems, the Ayurvedic Market is also expected to witness prolific growth in the future. Ayurvedic medicines provided in ayurvedic centre and hospitals are of natural sources unlike those manufactured with chemical substances, Ayurvedic medicines, sourced from nature directly, have quite less chances of any repercussions due to medications. It entails deep concepts of universal interconnectedness, the body's constitution (prakriti), and life forces (doshas) as they are the primary basis of ayurvedic medicine.

According to a defined analysis, the global Ayurvedic market size is projected to reach $16230 million by 2028, from $7273.3 million in 2021, exhibiting a CAGR of 12 percent during 2022-2028. As the market is scaling expansively there are many consultants contributing to the Ayurvedic market’s growth. There are many key players in the market who are domineering the space and through our current edition we have strived to celebrate some of those.

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