Consultants Are Increasingly Helping Businesses To Invest In The Deployment Of EHS Tools

Nandini Mukherjee, Special EditorThe global environmental health and safety market size is expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period due to rising investments in key end-use segments for ensuring effective compliance. The market has been driven primarily by the growing awareness regarding the importance of environmental protection and the growing awareness regarding workplace safety. Increasing number of accidents in workplaces has led to the formulation of strict health and safety policies, especially in industries such as energy and chemicals, where accidents can be highly dangerous. At the same time, environmental protection has become a major feature of all industrial activities in recent years and is likely to remain a major target
for companies operating in all verticals in the coming years, due to the strict government regulations being put in place to ensure the environmental viability of industrial processes.

Modern day industries rely heavily upon automation, mechanization and digitization to streamline and make working more efficient. More so, as organizations grow, expand and reach out, upholding uniform EHS policies becomes a crucial need that can help them establish health and safety oriented control. Ensuring and monitoring regulatory compliances is no different and successful organizations demand skilled EHS professionals who can help them through this digital transition. Qualified EHS professionals can help organizations to develop an EHS framework and in its implementation. These consultants deliver tailored and comprehensive environmental, health and safety management consulting and compliance services to multi-sector clients worldwide.

In our current edition, we have featured a list of 10 Most Promising EHS Consultants. From corporate-level environmental policy development and enterprise-wide assessments, to facility-level EHS outsourcing initiatives and support, such consultants provide with information to eliminate or reduce EHS risks. We also recommend you to read our cover story on SafetyCatch, a company that provides Occupational Health & Safety Training, Consultancy & Recruitment services.

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