Consulting In Sports In More Than A Necessity

Chitra Mishra, Special EditorSports is inspiring, engaging, immersive, emotion evoking, and a rapidly growing industry worldwide.

Over the past 10 years, Sports as an Industry especially in India has changed fundamentally. Today, Sports is not just an active platform for marketing and creating branding opportunities for corporates investing in Sports, but also creating value for fans across the country. Sporting leagues in India and across the world have invited valuable support and presence of corporate sector. Sporting leagues have not only promoted sports like Kabaddi, Soccer, Hockey in India; they have also created value for all stakeholders in the fraternity. All
leagues have had varying levels of success in generating fan base, inviting sponsorships and ensuring financial viability and profitability for team promoters. Fans in India also prove to be an interesting mix, with each being a loyal audience to a specific sport.

The National Sports Committee of CII is working towards creating an ecosystem for Governments and private sector companies to combine efforts, and invest in sports. Through continued engagement and dialogue with the Government, industry and sports' bodies, CII is enabling an environment that will be focused on promoting a sporting culture in India and one that will place a special emphasis in recognizing sports as an industry.

Specialist business consultancies that apply themselves solely to sport still come to the largest consulting firms. On the whole, the number of business consultants in sport is increasing dramatically. As a result, their is a constant search for new employees ­ above all, novices with an excellent degree and a high level of affinity with sports.

We at SI Consultant, have made sure the deserving sports consultant is not lost in the hustle. This list of 10 most promising sports consultant have still held on to the notion that a children need to play to stay bright.

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