Drilling Across The Impervious Via Operational Excellence

The Indian oil & gas industry has undergone a rapid transformation over the last decade. India is gleaming for a strong growth outlook with significant new investment opportunities in the medium to long term future.

Now, as companies eye on maximizing value, reducing the cost of operations will be a key component. This industry is witnessing the greatest need for operational excellence considering that exploration, development, production and distribution are becoming expensive by the minute and refining margins are on pressure. Besides, added to current operations, companies are expected to demonstrate effective execution of capital projects. With scale and complexity of capital projects, the calibre to effectively execute, often on multiple large projects, becomes a critical competency for many companies. Moreover, given that there is a huge dependence of Systems and Equipment's, it is very important for firms to introduce initiatives to improve availability of the system and equipment as measured by OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) levels.

Besides, companies also face hiring challenges and often find their technical capabilities & manpower outnumbered and stretched thin; all this, while they work towards to maximize the talents of their best people. The Oil & Gas industry in particular requires vastly diverse human, political, mechanical and technological capabilities. As it is, competition for natural resources has pushed companies to explore and produce in harsh, remote and even hostile locations, where the most meagre of logistical tasks can render tough and expensive. Environment also grows more diverse and unforgiving and the challenges become more complex, and skilled human resources are aging and growing scarce.

Setting off into difficult locations required not just heavy machineries and a handful of operators. It requires expert handling of the equipment and human resources, so that, while the rig is at its work, there are people who are ready & set to take down any bottleneck that might jeopardize your operation. This edition focuses on those experts (Oil & Gas Consulting firms) who can take your business to new heights and further offshore.

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