From Rags to Riches through Brand Building

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorRelationships have always been crucial in one’s life, whether with humans, animals, plants or earth. It is what connects us together for now and forever, thus building a bond of love. Amplifying on this trait, companies too are greatly involved in creating a bond with their customers by resonating themselves with their clients through branding. Whether it’s ATL or BTL, we can find the advertising and branding activities all revolving around emotional quotients. It surely triggers the touch
points in our brain and induces us to buy the product or recommend it or associate it with whatever way possible. Why?

Because we now buy products/brands that resonate with us or complement our personality! Hence, branding is of utmost importance for companies if they want to succeed and penetrate deep within their target group. Branding today is more than just a catchy name, a beautiful logo or an impressive container. It is also more than just building a story or a narrative around it. Branding is about bringing these all together to tell a whole some story and only experienced story tellers can script such beautiful and engaging branding building exercise.

Helping companies build their brand across various mediums through the best of the branding world is our current edition of siliconindia Consultants Magazine’s ‘10 Most Promising Branding Consultants – 2020’. We have diligently selected the most trusted and transparent brand building companies who have helped their clients to go from rags to riches, leveraging their immense capabilities in brand building exercise. Read to know more about them.
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