Getting the Solar Projects Right the First Time

T he solar energy business has been extraordinarily resilient despite the COVID-19 outbreak. The implementation of clean energy has been accelerated by quick technological advancements, financial incentives from the government for solar panels, and the falling cost of solar energy storage batteries. Even while 2022 appears to be a highly promising year for solar energy installations, there may be some roadblocks.

As solar panels continue to improve in efficiency, households and businesses may now generate more electricity in a smaller area. Solar PV panels are becoming becoming more aesthetically pleasing by being lighter in weight, having a sleeker appearance, and having a thinner profile. Additionally, solar shingles are becoming more commonplace and are more widely available than before. The price of solar energy appears to be holding steady despite these advancements.

The usage of solar energy in several products is becoming increasingly common and costeffective as solar energy technology develops. For instance, in many urban areas, solarpowered LED lighting reduce energy costs and carbon emissions while enhancing public safety and improving energy economy. Along with producing renewable energy, PV noise barriers along highways improve the quality of life in local communities.

There is a crucial performance aspect that is connected to a pay back and profitability that sets solar projects apart from normal building projects or product purchases (such HVAC, Lighting, and so on). The dependence is on the environment and regular maintenance and it requires knowledge of the same. A solar project is a long-term commitment by an end user who puts faith in the technology, the contractor, the financial model and the government.

It certainly is not the core business of the end users and it demands good due diligence. Regardless of if you are paying for the solar plant or leasing it, the risks remain in terms of its performance and simulations matching the expectations in reality. This clearly a margin calls for consultants to give that assurance. This edition focuses on those consultants that have made an impact in these two mega industries.