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I nfluenced and shaped by a variety of elements, the higher education space in India has been advancing significantly today. However, the aspiration to seek high-quality education more so in foreign lands is trending today. Migration and education are decisions that are indeed intertwined in many aspects. Education and skill acquisition serve critically in an individual's migration journey, while differential returns to skills in origin and destination country are a main driver of migration.

Viewing the intertemporal side, the possibility of a later migration may affect educational decisions in the home country long before a migration is realized. Talking about migration to Australia for education purposes, the prospects are pretty good for international students given its quality of education, healthcare, transport, infrastructure and government services as these are rated well above international averages. Australia as a country is technologically advanced with a strong, globally competitive economy. The Australian institutions enrolled 619,370 foreign students in 2022, which marks 8 percent rise from 2021, though it was down 18 percent since 2019.

Commencements (first time enrolments in Australian programmes) grew by 39 percent YoY, but were 23 percent lower than in 2019. The number of Indian students in Australia has tremendously grown from 10,073 in 2002 to 86,782 in 2022. The number went from 10th highest to 2nd highest in all these years, and 2023 is etching already more. There are many Indian Origin Education & Migration Consultants in business helping students have the opportunity to migrate and upgrade their knowledge bandwidth studying in Australia, but list is dizzying and challenging to choose from. Our current edition strives to solve it for you shortlisting the best Indian Origin Education & Migration Consultants for students desiring to study in Australia.
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