The Man, the Machine & the Winning Mantra

The usual consulting traits are passé. The new normal needs new functional expertise and that pinch of salt that will drive the client's business successfully towards the next-normal. Deal with it or die is the new mantra. Why am I saying so? Because the old school method of consulting is upgraded to the new, digital way of consulting. Hence consultants need to learn new soft skills and etiquettes needed to drive business from the digital platform.

Some of the key skills needed in the digital world are on-camera presence, relating skills, and virtual consulting skills which comprises of body language, voice, words, camera skills, empathy, rapport to connect online with clients, and much more. These needs are even forcing the experts upskill themselves and learn these new traits to be more comfortable in serving their clients digitally. Also the continuous reshaping of business laws and policies means that consultants needs to constantly sharpen their research and analysis ability too. It becomes more important when consulting services are shifting gears from reliance on humans for research, analysis, process and management to everything with the assistance of technology and less human interface.

Hence framing comprehensive digital strategies and revamping the existing business and operational models should be on the top of their chart. Hence in our current edition of siliconindia Consultants Magazine, we bring to you the story of few such consultants serving different industries to you under special edition `Consultants of the Year ­ 2020'. We spoke at length to several experts from the industry and discussed about their work, uniqueness and how they are preparing for 2021. Opening up about their offerings, and discussing with us about their future plans, they have given several insights into their organization. Read to know about them.

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