AeonMed Health & Hospitals: Providing World Class Training and Quality Consultation to Healthcare Organizations

Dr (Col) Rakesh Verma, Founder, Aeonmed Health & HospitalsWith around 70000 hospitals across the country, even healthcare service has turned into a competitive market with all of the hospitals trying their best to provide the highest quality service available. With patients preferring to go for reliable healthcare services, many healthcare organizations are upgrading their facilities as well as going for different accreditations to attract more patients. AeonMed Health & Hospitals, founded by Dr (Col) Rakesh Verma in 2018, is a healthcare consulting company that specializes in healthcare facility planning & designing, operations & quality consulting, risk assessment in healthcare facilities, and learning systems for hospitals.

AeonMed Health provides a wide range of services such as hospital planning and designing, re-alignment of hospital buildings/facilities with current hospital planning and quality norms, and up-gradation of hospital infrastructure. The organization also provides many special services such as Electrical Safety Audits in hospitals, consulting for establishing quality management systems for achieving NABH / JCI accreditation, carrying out risk assessments in hospitals, and offering risk management consulting to hospitals. The organization also offers learning and development consulting and provides training to hospitals. These services include virtual/ onsite learning modules using various modalities like video lectures, demonstrations, and simulations.

A Client Friendly Accreditation Provider
To ensure that the hospital's care service and facilities meet the correct standards, several organizations like NABH, JCI, Quality & Accreditation Institute operate accreditation programs in India. When it comes to providing NABH accreditation, AeonMed Health does it with a belief that every healthcare organization wants to do good for its patients and stakeholders.
"The Hospital Management Consultants are expected to help the hospitals in fulfilling this requirement in a manner that is consistent with current knowledge, appropriate from a safety and quality perspective, results in long-term benefit for the hospital, and is cost-effective. Our way is to ensure at least 3x to 4x ROI. Anything less is not fair to the hospital" shares Dr (Col) Verma, CEO, AeonMed Health.

Due to the policy push from the government and insurance bodies as well as patient's reliance on hospitals as a high-quality healthcare service provider, certifications and accreditation of healthcare organizations/ hospitals has become an indirect indicator for the quality of services being provided. AeonMed Health first interacts with clients and understands their requirements before deciding how to design and deliver something that will sustain on a long-term basis and bring an exceedingly favorable value proposition for the hospital.

Delivering the Best Service
AeonMed Health also provides services of manpower planning training, establishing quality management, designing operations policies manuals, and so on. For establishing quality management, AeonMed Health takes the whole hospital as a system with top management, trained personnel including those at the `Sharp-End' of care delivery, surveillance and monitoring mechanisms and processes to course-correct are being part of it. Then processes for these sub-parts are established through defining policies and manuals, implementing these policies on the ground, implementing monitoring and audit systems, and finally, AeonMed Health integrates the policies with the entire hospital team. " We help hospital teams onboard a "Quality Culture". In my experience of over a decade being a NABH Principal Assessor and later as a Consultant, `Establishing Appropriate Culture' is what matters" shares Dr (Col) Verma.

The effort must be to bring the entire hospital team onboard a `Quality Culture'. In my experience of over a decade being a NABH Principal Assessor and later as a Consultant, 'Establishing Appropriate Culture' is what matters

AeonMed Health's hospital plans and designs always comply with the national building code, national electrical code, international plumbing code, fire safety norms, and local bodies byelaws just to name a few. "We strive to provide the value of improved client condition delivered through a trust-based Client relationship and a Consulting process based upon current knowledge and best practices. I can say that we are somewhat selective in what we do and we strive to deliver the best" adds Dr (Col) Verma.