Crisprsys Technologies: Addressing Gaps In Business Applications While Delivering Sophisticated Digital Transformation Solutions Across Industries

 Suresh Vallala, Deepak Kumar Dash & Srinivas Potluri,   Co-FoundersDigital technology has become an essential part of our daily lives, and to navigate the digital landscape, possessing digital literacy skills has become a necessity. Digital literacy is the ability to use digital technologies and tools effectively, and safely. It encompasses not only technical skills but also critical thinking, problem solving, and ethical behavior. The significance of digital literacy in the 21st century cannot be emphasized enough. The reasons why individuals should develop digital literacy skills are numerous. These include the ease of access to information, the demand for digital skills by employers, the need for effective and appropriate communication in a digital environment, and the potential for creativity and self-expression through digital tools. Digital literacy skills are essential for success in the modern world.

The Company
By the end of 2023, Crisprsys, which was co-founded in 2015 by three technopreneurs Srinivas Potluri, Deepak Kumar Dash, and Suresh Vallala; with the same ambition expects to make a significant impact on the global software market. The company offers Business applications and AI-powered insight as a service to a diverse clientele, ensuring 100 percent customer satisfaction every single time.

Vision & Mission
Throughout the firms operations, functions, and initiatives, the core driving force guiding the conceptualization and implementations are the vision and mission upon which the firm was built. The firm’s vision is to ‘Create Affordable and adaptable digital solutions for sustainable growth for all business at no extra cost’ and its mission is to ‘Deliver zero code business applications along with full scale insight from data to accommodate a business of all scale and size’, act as the defining factor for every service offered and approach undertaken.

“Customer success is the mantra at Crisprsys. Our customer success team ensures every organization generates that extra revenue through cost optimization and employee & other partners engagement”, shares Deepak Kumar Dash, Co-Founder & Director.

Crisprsys’s Team & Offerings
In 2021, there would be a market worth $16.3 billion for low-code development platforms. By 2030, it is predicted to have increased by a CAGR of 27.8 percent to reach a projected value of $148.5 billion. The team at Crisprsys is delivering certain zero-code apps on a fast-track mode based on customer demand. Co-founded by three seasoned IT professionals, bringing a combined average of 25+ years of experience in the industry, Crisprsys has ventured into Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Technology to offer better value to the customer in terms of data insight with predictive approach and decision-making support. Services offered by Crisprsys are categorized under four major apps including Business Application, Digital Portfolio, Workforce Management, and Enterprise Efficiency. Under each of these heads, the firm offers a range of specialized services. Under the Business Application vertical, the firm offers services including C Track, Lean DMS, Readings and Measurements, and Simple Planning.

“Crisprsys suite of business apps caters to the organization’s on-demand development and deployment need. Out of the box apps as well as zero code apps are the right fit for all organizations of varied scale and size (Startups to Large Corporates)”, further shares Suresh Vallala, Co-Founder & Director.

Crisprsys leverages multiple technologies to offer cutting-edge solutions to clients. One of the technologies which form the central guide for Crisprsys’s offerings is the IN SaaS or Insight as a Service. This is powered by Artificial intelligence and deep learning and focuses on the pillars of Anomaly Detection, Data Analytics, Natural Language, and Image Recognition.

Preventive advice, Predictive models, Condition monitoring, Machine Learning, and ANN form the contents of the Anomaly Detection pillar, whereas Exploratory Data Analysis, Multivariate visualizations, Outliers, Feature Engineering, Co-relations and Linear and Logistic Regressions form the core of the Data Analytics principle.
“Each feature of the Applications suite offers great benefits and freedom of managing all your customization needs without writing a single line of code. Our solutions complete the task from start to end so that you only have to implement it, sit back, and enjoy as the benefits start rolling in”, says Srinivas Potluri, Co-Founder & Director.

A CAGR of 5.2 percent is projected to cause the size of the global hostels market to increase from $6.04 billion in 2022 to $6.35 billion in 2023. Property Management System (PMS) is just the right solution for Hostel owners to manage their facilities, rooms, beds, tenants, and payments through UX rich mobile interface in an optimized and planned way. Tenants can manage their periodic payments and search for the best hostel in the vicinity as per their needs. Aligned with India’s vision to lead cashless and digital payments, the PMS is UPI integrated and getting ready to accommodate digital currency payment processing for the stake holders. Owners can track the food wastage by the tenants and thereby can control and contribute towards the sustainability cause. The innovative solution caters to a niche and unorganized sector of private hostels management, hostels of educational institutes, sports institutes, and more.

Within the scope of its services and expertise, Crisprsys stands out from the hoi polloi of hundreds of competitors on account of the distinctive features of its approach

Corporates irrespective of scale and size have reinvented their business models where remote working, contactless movements, transactions, and newer and fewer seating arrangements are just a few of the new norms. The Work Force Management Suite from Crisprsys is an AI-enabled, Image Recognition powered, GPS integrated, user-friendly, zero code solution which is the ideal choice when it comes to saving cost leakage on account of employee time for the organization.

Worried about compliance, warranty, contracts, insurance, Letter of credit or Bank guarantee, certification date of equipment, passport and visa validity, emirates id expiry, and more. Track with ease, the answer is C-Track built on the Crisprsys platform. Record, Track, and Act through C-Track, a complete tracking solution for all enterprise activities, documents, and deliverables.

Distinctive & Powerful Features
Within the scope of its services & expertise, Crisprsys stands out from the hoi polloi of hundreds of competitors on account of the distinctive features of its approach. While customer centricity is one of the aspects which give Crisprsys an upper hand, other powerful features over and above standard delivery that highly benefit the firm include the ability to Raise Request and Track till closure, Curated Reports, Custom Checklist, Advanced Deep Learning, Master Tracking Sheet, User Variant Layout, state-of the-art ML Models, Custom Query, Upload & Download, Custom Dashboard, System and User Status, Rule Builder, RAG Reports, Custom Numbering, Custom Workflow, Custom Alerts, Simple KPI, and Robust Authorization control. “We offer not only tech software products, but also end-to-end consulting for small scale entities and startups. StartUp Support Engine is the key offering from Application Factory of Crisprsys”, further shares Sonny Dhamayana, Head of Digital Transformation at Crisprsys.

Future Roadmap
With more companies recognizing the need for digital transformation, the industry is full of opportunities for established as well as emerging players to offer cutting edge services. Crisprsys aims to take advantage of every possibility and opportunity to emerge as the industry leader in the coming years. The founders of the company strongly believe that dedicated employees are the pillar of any successful organization. “Crisprsys is no exception to have highly dedicated & self-motivated employees”, says Suresh Vallala.

Currently, the company is active in India and the Middle East. The company’s offshore development center is based in India. At present, the firm is looking for expansion opportunities through funding and investment, which will enable the company to expand its geographical footprint further. In addition to this, the company is also gearing up to continually upgrade its services by leveraging the latest and most advanced technologies. This approach is intended to help the firm become a trusted partner in the industry, which will ultimately aid in the firm’s goal of becoming the go-to partner for clients across the globe. With focused strategies and over 25 years of experience, Crisprsys is on the path to becoming an industry giant in the coming years.

Co-founders believe StartUps, Small, and Medium scale industries can become Recession Proof by Tracking all relevant Data Points through Crisprsys Application Factory delivered with this Cloud Platform. Srinivas Potluri opines, “Business can be transformed digitally, empowered with insight through innovative solutions for increasing their efficiency, productivity, and profitability sustainably”. Various papers authored by co-founders have been published in leading journals and received many accolades from related fraternities.

Give Back to Society
UN identified Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which need the attention of world communities, Technological innovations offer a great solution to address these. DGTAL.AI is the platform where the Problems (Sustainable Development Goals) meet the Exponential Technologies for potential Solutions. DGTAL.AI discusses SDGs and Technological solutions under a single platform for the benefit of tech enthusiasts and talents and adds value to the solutions, thereby serving the cause of a billion people. DGTAL.AI is not for profit initiative of Crisprsys Technologies.