Acura IP Services: An End-to-End Intellectual Property Service Provider

 Harish Naidu,  Founder & Partner

Harish Naidu

Founder & Partner

As the Indian business landscape enters an unprecedented era of expansion and innovation, one critical asset is transforming businesses across sectors Intellectual Property(IP). This transformation, once mainly seen in advanced economies, is now driving innovation in fields ranging from information technology to manufacturing,pharmaceuticals to entertainment.

This is where Acura IP, a new-age Intellectual Property firm, started by alumni of IIT Kharagpur Law School steps in. The team at Acura IP thrives in navigating the IP landscape helping businesses protect their innovative ideas by helping them build strong portfolios and protecting them aggressively. Specializing in technology and IP laws both locally and globally, the team is committed to nurturing creativity, fostering innovation, and defending intellectual property rights.

Their services extend beyond protecting merely the traditional forms of IP. They adeptly manage IP licensing and contracts, making sure your inventions are used justly and advantageously. If infringement occurs, they're ready to enforce your rights, and, if necessary, they are prepared to stand with you through IP litigation. With Acura IP, your focus can remain where it should - on your creativity and innovation. They take care of protecting it.

The Team
The firm consists of a group of professionals with dual degrees in the field of technology
& law. They have Extensive expertise in the fields of electronics & electrical engineering, biotechnology, chemistry, computer science, and mechanical engineering. They have significant experience in working with clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies helping them protect their intellectual property across multiple jurisdictions. Team Acura IP Services has a track record of drafting and prosecuting hundreds of patents, trademarks, and design applications, resulting in grants across various jurisdictions. In addition, the team members have considerable expertise in copyright registration and IP Litigation.

Team Acura IP Services has a track record of drafting & prosecuting hundreds of patent applications, resulting in granted patents in India the US, & the EU

Flagship Offerings
Acura is distinguished as one of the few IP firms in India that delivers end-to-end IP services, spanning from initial ideation to IP litigation. Acura IP supports its clients Right from brain storming their IP and building a portfolio to defending and protecting their rights in the court of law.

"Acura IP provides a comprehensive range of IP services, covering patents, trademarks, copyrights, Industrial Designs, and also other IP services including Geographical Indications, Trade Secrets, NDAs, IP licensing, IP litigation, and more", shares Harish Naidu, Founder & Partner.

The firm caters to a wide range of clients from startups to large conglomerates. Its diverse customer base includes HT Process Controls, Amritha University, State Bank of India, Mody University, Hielabs, SIGHTGAIN USA, Sample Max USA, Clarion Solutions Group USA, and many more. It has collaborations and partnerships with IP firms based in different jurisdictions for filing and securing IP rights for its clients.

Future Roadmap
Acura IP Services' future roadmap is centered around a comprehensive approach to intellectual property(IP)protection. The firm’s mission is to raise awareness of IP rights, educate individuals and business groups, and strategically enforce IP against infringements. By fostering partnerships with global IP firms, the firm strives to expand its client base across multiple jurisdictions. Additionally, the firm focuses on providing patent litigation support services to help clients safeguard their IP rights and defend against infringers. Acura IP is committed to expanding its clientele, offering highcaliber patent prosecution and litigation support to a broader audience while maintaining an equal focus on awareness and protection.