Dr Sengupta & Associates: Redefining The Healthcare Facilities Across The Country Through Nabh Consultancy Service

Dr. Ratan Sengupta,CEONowadays, as the customer preference has moved from brand value to more into the quality of the products, organizations are opting for standard accreditations for the specific services they offer. One of the major domains, healthcare organizations also need to follow different healthcare service standards mandated by the law to attract more patients. Keeping these things in mind, Dr. Ratan Sengupta founded Dr Sengupta & Associates (DRSGA) in 2000 to ensure organizations get ISO Certifications based on their quality service standards not by any unethical means.

Initially, Dr Sengupta & Associates were providing consulting & training services in the field of various ISO 9001 Certification & Electronic Manufacturing Technology. However, they have expanded their service portfolio to include consulting services for System Standards like ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 13485, ISO 15189, ISO 17025, SEDEX, SA 8000 over time. DRSGA anticipated well in advance the potential of Healthcare Certification Consultancy and eventually started the same from the year 2015. DRSGA promotes the NABH accreditation to make sure that Healthcare organizations follow and maintain proper healthcare service standards.

There are many factors such as pressure from IRDA for qualifying Hospitals for Cashless treatment, the patient's changing perception towards NABH Certified Hospitals and increasing awareness towards their right and responsibilities, benchmarking with Hospitals of the same locality, town, state,
and ensuring best patient safety, which is driving the rise of NABH Certifications among the hospitals. There are more than 50000 hospitals in all cities of India, out of which only 17% of Hospitals are covered and the rest 82% may be considered as potential Certification clients throughout the country. According to Dr. Sengupta, CEO, DRSGA, "the NABH Certification drive had taken a back seat from March 2020 till date due to COVID-19 Pandemic, but it will definitely bounce back by 2nd quarter of 2022."

Even though started late, NABH Certification for Hospitals has become a major activity of DRSGA with 60% of their flagship offering being occupied by it. Within 6 years of the inception of their NABH Hospital Consultancy service, they have already registered more than 185 Hospitals, out of which more than 65 Hospitals and other Healthcare units are now NABH Certified. The biggest achievement has been taking their NABH Consultancy services beyond Mumbai to other cities of India such as Pune, Surat, Nagpur, Pilani (Raj), Bhilai, Raipur, Bhopal, Sagar, Kolkata, Lucknow, Amravati, and so on. Out of the total employee strength of 15 at DRSGA, 10 employees are working in Healthcare Accreditations.

Our mission and vision of operating a consulting firm are not to increase but to create a group of satisfied clients

DRSGA promises to provide certain advantages to its clients through its NABH consultancy service, such as appreciation towards implication of all legal requirements to run a hospital required to avoid all potential disasters (such as fire, Electrical Shock, leakage in Medical Gas line, and so on), handling of MLC cases in the prescribed manner, making staffs, especially Nursing staffs, aware of their duty and responsibility in various stages of patient care, improved communication among the staff and also between staff and patient, effective functioning of Medical records department, effective customization of Policy and Procedures as per scope and infrastructure of the Hospital.

To take advantage of their excellent service portfolio, DRSGA has already set the roadmap for the future ahead, such as diversifying and strengthening NABH certification in the domain of AAYUSH and other areas like blood banks, wellness centers & Dental/Eye clinics, the introduction of Lean Management in healthcare to convert them into a cost-effective center, initiating certified NABH related online training programs and most importantly, spreading their consultancy wings to other cities of India. "Our mission and vision of operating a consulting firm are not to Increase but to create a group of satisfied clients. We, at Dr Sengupta & Associates, want to be the most ethically driven Consulting Company" adds Dr. Sengupta.