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Vanddana Sawnt, Student Counselling & Administration

Vanddana Sawnt

Student Counselling & Administration

Every child is unique, and each one develops at their own pace and way. In today’s fast-paced world, whatever the stage of your education, it is imperative to have a crystal-clear mindset for pursuing the way forward.

Since selecting careers that are financially rewarding for children is challenging, career counselling helps spot the right career path and guide them on how to pursue it. Career counselling helps children and parents understand their strengths and weaknesses in the present career scenario and profession. It involves crafting a safe and secure environment where one does not feel uneasy or judged. Children should feel safe to discuss without any hesitation. This assurance of safety goes a long way in cementing the relationship with the counsellor. Career counselling transforms from one phase or field of education to another, a non-stressful event for children and their parents, developing into a positive attitude toward life in general.

Amongst the few mind-boggling numbers of career consultants, Numind Consultancy is a name to reckon with having success stories to their name. This Thane-based consultancy is one of the leading career consultancies engaged in offering online counselling, one to one counselling services both to students and parents to solve physical, behavioral, mental, and other emotional concerns. The consultancy’s proven mettle lies in
guiding students to overcome phobia, instil study habits, improve family life and other related problems. At Numind Consultancy, distinguished service is focused on students within the age group of 13 to 18 years.

The consultancy’s proven mettle lies in guiding students to overcome phobia, instil study habits, improve family life and other related problems

Counselling is the service offered to individuals undergoing problems and who need professional help. When the problem is not taken care of, it keeps showing up and disturbs the mental health. The individual becomes nervous and tense, which hampers his development. Fear needs to be addressed. This calls for specialized services that are taken care of by trained and experienced personnel. One such experienced personality is Ms. Vanddana Sawnt a special educator and mentor who brings to the table 24+ years of rich experience,having worked in high-performing educational institutions. Vanddana’s forte revolves around dealing with children and parents experiencing stress, lost in direction, unhappy, or wanting to improve themselves and their lives. She does the road mapping for student’s career development, aptitude test, and appropriate selection of subject, college & university both in India and abroad. To date, she has successfully mentored over 2300 students.

As a career coach, Vanddana is an expert in dealing with student psychology, conducting interactive discussions, and deciding the correct career path that would suit their interests & talent. She conducts achievement & aptitude tests, evaluates educational backgrounds, identifies children learning disabilities to determine and provide career development counselling, resulting in upgrading student’s skills/grades and achieving their goals.

Many parents approach her with the dilemma about their kid’s future. She streamlines the process to understand their concerns, listen to the child’s aspect as well, identify problem areas, set clear goals, discover strengths and abilities, and decide the course of action. She guides for a career that matches one’s aptitude and personality. Her counseling helps students to opt for a field that matches their skills and job expectations.

“I as a counsellor am looking forward to making a profound impact on the lives of individuals, families and communities. If a child suffering medically or emotionally, approaches me, I train him/her with a healing basis along with counselling and training. We as teachers and parents should be open-minded, accepting, and understanding the needs of the child to enable a positive and happy life,” she concludes.