A Career In Food Inspection

Unsafe and unhygienic food cause a lot of troubles including diarrhea, acidity, food poisoning. In order to avoid this inconvenience with food, the basis of survival, we have trained people appointed to look after and take care of the various rules and regulations while the food is manufactured, processed, stored, sanitized, and delivered to the consumer. They are widely known as Food Inspectors.

Types of Food Inspectors
Quality Inspector:They work in the production department and are responsible for analyzing the manufacturing and management processes of the food items. They approve or reject the raw materials with respect to the safety laws.

Food Technician: They look out to the physical as well as chemical compositions of the food products. They take samples of the products and conduct researches on them to ensure their legibility.

A Career In Food Inspection Is In High Demand And One Needs To Prove His Merit To Do So

Food Quality Assurance Manager: They ensure that the customer requirements are fulfilled and give assurance to provide the best quality products to the consumers.

Agricultural Inspector: They examine all the agricultural processes and the equipment required to carry out these processes. They serve as the first step to preventing food borne diseases caused by pests and insects.

Dairy Technologist: Their primary focus is to work with the dairy departments and the Dairy based products. They are responsible to look after the chemical composition and proper pasteurization of milk, butter, yogurt, ice cream, and other dairy products.

How to become a Food Inspector
A career in Food Inspection is in high demand and one needs to prove his merit to do so. As one is the representative of the Government, the examinations for the same are held by the government only. One has to be well prepared to pass this national-level exam. If a candidate is within the age bracket of 18-42 years, and has a completed his Graduation in any Medicinal field, or attained a Bachelor's degree in any Science related stream, they are eligible to take the examination.

The notifications regarding the exam are regularly updated on the official website of FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India)- syllabus covers various subject topics ranging from general intelligence to computer literacy and mathematics. One may even avail of the FSSAI Mock Test in order to keep a track of their progress. Click here to know more about FSSAI recruitment 2021.

The food inspection department lays the basic foundation in ensuring healthy consumption of food and helps us to maintain good health. It has a vast scope and multiple facilities as it comes with great responsibility to assure good quality meals on behalf of the Government.