Suba Group of Hotels Enhances Operations with Hotelogix Multi-Property Management System

Hotelogix, a leading cloud-based hospitality technology provider, has announced its collaboration with India's esteemed Suba Group of Hotels, as the latter adopts Hotelogix's multi-property management system. This strategic partnership aims to empower Suba Group of Hotels with a robust and comprehensive platform, enabling automation and streamlining of processes across its member properties. The implementation of Hotelogix's solution will facilitate centralized control over group-wide operations, fostering growth, revenue enhancement, and an elevated guest experience.

With a vast presence encompassing over 100 hotels across 60 destinations in India, the Suba Group of Hotels stands as a premier hospitality entity committed to delivering unparalleled services and experiences to its diverse clientele comprising both business and leisure travelers. Renowned for its modern in-house FnB outlets offering contactless menu options, well-equipped business centers, seamless contactless check-in facilities, and exquisite banquet services, the group ensures a comprehensive hospitality experience. In 2022, Suba Group secured the master franchise rights for Choice Hotels India, expanding its portfolio to include the Clarion, Quality, and Comfort brands within the country, further solidifying its position in the industry. Choice Hotels India operates as a fully owned branch of Choice Hotels International, a globally recognized hotel franchisor boasting a portfolio of over 7,000 properties worldwide.

Despite its remarkable growth trajectory, Suba Group faced operational challenges due to the utilization of disparate on-premises solutions across its member hotels. Managing group-wide operations centrally from the corporate office proved to be a significant hurdle, limiting visibility into operations, access to critical reports and guest data, efficient distribution management, and real-time collaboration among member properties.

Mubeen Mehta, CEO of Suba Group of Hotels, emphasized the importance of centralized and efficient operations for a brand with over 100 properties and various revenue-generating streams. He stated, "That’s why we decided to migrate to a multi-property cloud PMS platform from Hotelogix".

In response to Suba Group's needs, Hotelogix provided a tailored solution, including a Mobile Hotel PMS App for on-the-go tracking of group and property-level positions. Integration with a Channel Manager facilitates real-time OTA distribution to drive sales, while Hotelogix's Point of Sale (POS) system efficiently manages non-room revenue-generating outlets across all properties. Additionally, Hotelogix's PMS integrates seamlessly with third-party accounting, materials management, and guest communication solutions.

Beyond addressing immediate operational challenges, Suba Group of Hotels views Hotelogix as a catalyst for future growth and expansion. Mubeen Mehta expressed confidence in Hotelogix's platform, stating, "Adopting the Hotelogix cloud has made us future-ready. Their robust platform is the perfect launch pad to propel our expansion plan while minimizing IT overheads".

Aditya Sanghi, CEO of Hotelogix, highlighted the significance of this collaboration, stating, "The adoption of Hotelogix signals the next big step towards digital transformation by Suba Group of Hotels." He emphasized the flexibility, usability, and scalability of Hotelogix's PMS, tailored to meet the demands of hotel groups for efficient centralized operations, rapid growth, and a competitive edge in the market.