EmpowerGenie: Changing the Face of HR Industry by Building a Proficient and Capable Workforce

Prathima Shetty, Co-Founder&Chethana Marla, Co-FounderThere is not much adaptation of technology in the human resource(HR)industry, which is very important for developing countries like India where qualified candidates are more than job opportunities but skilled employees are few. It became a challenge for businesses to select the perfect skilled aspirants for their projects. This in-turn causes lot of frustration for operation & project managers, employees (who are allocated to projects that they are not fully skilled for) and HR. Finding this void, the two post graduate IT professionals Prathima Shetty and Chethana Marla(Co-Founders) established EmpowerGenie(100 percent women-owned company)in 2016 with a vision to leverage workforce optimally in line with enterprise goals while ensuring that their employees’ professional aspirations are also realized. Today, EmpowerGenie is a potential leader in the HR market developing proficient and capable aspirants for businesses across sectors.

The company’s proprietary solution EmpowerGenie renders rightly skilled workforce which not only reduces project delivery time and operational cost but also enhances employees’ productivity & quality, and increased customer satisfaction &employee cost ROI. Apart from identifying and validating candidates for the right job across locations, the application monitors& works toward employee role fitment in a structured consistent manner, conducts objective & standardized performance review and keeps role skills agile in response to market demands. On the other hand, this LAMP(Linux, Apache, MYSQL and PHP) based model digitalizes competency frameworks, validates employee skill sets, highlights skill gaps & tracks learnings, provides workforce capability, availability, and demand supply gap analytics to enable factual proactive business decisions, and also serves as an effective employee strength finder and training needs indicator. These unique features manage employee’s skill development and boost their career growth and future roles.

A Boon for Organizations
To resolve the conflict between operation and project managers regarding the skills readiness of the allocated workforce, the
product filters task and data subsets depending onjob requester(project head,people supervisor, admin or employee)whilst providing maximum information with minimum effort and deploys analytics for clients to understand their metrics in terms of skills management. Under its role development phase, the product identifies different career paths and defines roles & competencies required for the job whereas its implementation phase consists of data gathering,customized system configuration, T3 training, data digitalization, and incorporation of validated employee skills in the product.“In some cases, the client does the aforementioned tasks by themselves, so we provide guidance on standardization as per industry guideline,” adds Prathima.

"EmpowerGenie renders rightly skilled workforce which not only reduces project delivery time and operational cost but also enhances employees’ productivity & quality, and increased customer satisfaction &employee cost ROI"

Today, EmpowerGenie is the only Indian firm in HR space that allows enterprises to perform employee skill audit on an ongoing basis, provide tech-enabled employee inclusive skills management for the firm covering recruitment, project allocation, progression management, succession planning, training needs analysis and employee fitment. For instance, the venture has recently helped IPCL, Asansol(T&D Division) to streamline their entire workforce with company’s goal starting from creating a career framework to providing detailed job description and identifying sources of training & certification in India for each roleand all technical skills& certifications. “Staff and management were involved in each step wherein job descriptions & skills were reviewed by them and adjustments were made to tailor jobs & skills. Staffs were also trained via our propriety solution,” professes Chethana.

Security Measures
With emphasis on security,this Bangalore-based startup complies with all mandatory international product development standards and hosts entire client’s data on a fully GDPR compliant cloud server, ensuring more efficient product processing, inbuilt redundancy features, and non disruptive product upgrade rollouts, 100 percent data security, backup and redundancy. Being fully cognizant of employee data sensitivity, the firm restricts data access to tenant data after system installation. Enriched with such features, EmpowerGenie envisions launching robust analytics by using AI and predictive analysis, 360 degree feedback functionality for a holistic development plan and online portal to create awareness on skill requirements for different job categories. Meanwhile, the firm is also planning to upgrade its existing HR solution and grow its current client base by 300 percent in 2019.

Key Management
Prathima Shetty, Co-Founder
With over 25 years of work experience in the IT industry in US as well as in India, Prathima is passionate to help people in formulating the right skills required for them to excel in their jobs and has personally mentored several candidates during her career.

Chethana Marla, Co-Founder
A strong proponent of making informed career choicesthat work personally and professionally, Chethana is currently a part of core team running a CSR program for economically challenged children to equip them for a better future.

Offices:Bangalore &Washington DC
Service:Enterprise Service