Triband Systech: An Innovative Trailblazer Creating Futuristic, Tech-Centric Applications

Rajesh Suryadevara, Thought Leader & Director, Kannan Govindarajan, Growth Chaser & CEORajeshwar Gali, CTOThe brainchild of Rajesh Suryadevara (Thought Leader & Director) took the form of Triband with the inclusion of Rajeshwar Gali(CTO)& Kannan Govindarajan(Growth Chaser & CEO), ensconced in 2016, Triband provides effective, result driven marketing communication solutions through smart analytics. The company strategically develops applications/products with bottoms up approach by understanding end customer’s requirements and builds solutions upward for delivering services that improves lifestyle. Adding to its unique proposition is the company’s inclination towards developing complete solutions, which are simple to use and comes in complete package with innovative and problem solving approach.

Creating Billion Dollar Loyalty
For decades, retailers have plunged on the art of incentives such as compelling loyalty cards, discount coupons and cash backs as thriving marketing strategies for cultivating enriched customer experience and engagement with the brand. With digital technology strengthening its roots, retaining existing customers and winning new ones has become a real competition globally. Businesses that simplify purchasing path with added benefits are sure to hit the bull eye and sustain their presence in today’s competitive marketing spectrum. To empower connective, cognitive marketing experience through technological innovation, Hyderabad-based Triband Systech developed an exceptional platform capable of tracking user’s movement and connecting him with ideal rewards, relevant during his purchases. Succouring to millennial generation’s entailment for fruitful and economic shopping experience, Triband designed a tech-smart app 'Billion deal' to bring in the best of online and offline shopping experiences. The app strategically creates a link between multiple merchants, enabling team formation capabilities followed by promotion advertising together as a group. Additionally, the offers can either be advertised across similar branded stores or various stores in a locality. Merchants receive the edge of designing different loyalty programs for different set of audiences based on customer profile and interest. This not only helps local merchants to record increased footfall, but also succours customers for exploring benefits synonymous to online experience.

Rajesh elucidates, “When customer passes through a store, he accumulates loyalty points from that store even without entering it. He can gain additional loyalty points if he visits the store and further additional points on any purchase”. As a result,customer accounts best deals from favourite/local stores during everyday commutation and avails the convenience of sharing/transferring loyalty points amidst his contact circle.
There’s no denying that public hoardings were an immediate medium of communication while its prohibition has impacted advertising strategies adversely. Opportunely converting this prohibition into provision is Triband’s digital hoardboards solution,a one-stop-solution for all marketing and advertising needs. It offers customized search options for advertising on national and local spaces.Based on requirements and preferences, the system runs an algorithm to suggest best possible advertising package. “The agencies who offer their marketing spaces can use the tool as a complete solution for managing their business operations, even as a CRM tool,”adds Kannan.

"In order to solve the problem and suggest a solution, we follow design thinking approach and think from user/consumer point of view"

Deploying smart analytics with maximum expertise
Triband develops smart applications that consolidate big data in single dashboard. Addressing to rural data handling quandary, the company conceived and designed Rural GIS Mapping application for government bodies for improved transparency and enhanced operational convenience. The application captures digital multimedia data like photographs, audio and video including GIS mapping through mobile phones, using GPS and map technologies, and overcomes the barriers of language and communication,thus simplifying bottleneck situation through comprehensive business understanding.

While catering to multiple businesses’ exigencies such as optimization of effective mechanism for regulating various business activities and need for calculative, measured decision-making assistance, Triband’s experienced team of 25 mavens ensures that each quandary is addressed individually through understanding and precise problem identification.“In order to solve the problem and suggest a solution, we follow design thinking approach and think from user/consumer point of view. This approach helps in decoding the features that the solution should possess and thereby evolving as a complete solution,” asserts Rajeshwar.

Sincere Support, Promising Prospects
With a hawk’s eye on changing trends,growing technology and investment flavour, Triband has enclosed contracts for developing a revolutionary International Banking Reporting Software for banking sector and POS and retail management systems for NCR-based firm. Mean while, the company is also working on service projects in Accountable Care Organization Space, IoT, Block Chain and AI domains. Expanded geographical in Singapore & US and ready for scaling up its team size to 60, Triband envisages recording double the cent percent revenue growth this fiscal year and aspires to become a million dollar company by bringing its flagship product in the market. “We strive to develop path-breaking and disruptive technologies in greater interest,” concludes Rajesh.

Key Management:
Rajesh Suryadevara, Thought Leader & Director
An expert in strategic& innovative marketing, Rajesh graduated from the world renowned Thunderbird School in Global Business Management, he brings in vast business acumen. Rajesh continuously extends his support through consulting expertise to SME’s and Start-ups. He derives effective business solutions for scaling up Triband’s growth graph.

Kannan Govindarajan, Growth Chaser& CEO
Owing a reputed portfolio with TVS Group, ABN Amro Bank & Cambridge Technology Enterprises on list, being a growth chaser his unparalleled network with the leaders in the industry Kannan plays a major role in building up the team and executes the expansion plans. Kannan brings on board financial and corporate development expertise and is instrumental in managing the operations and financial planning for the company.

Rajeshwar Gali, CTO
A versatile, skilled and result-oriented technocrat, Rajeshwar is passionate about conceiving innovative technological solutions and is responsible for making Triband an agile and productive business firm.

Headquarter: Hyderabad
International Offices: Maryland (US)& Singapore