Innove Intellects: A Mompreneur Revolutionizing Intellectual Property Rights

Pooja Kumar,  Founder

Pooja Kumar


In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, one woman has defied all odds to establish a remarkable mark in the field of Intellectual Property Rights(IPR). Meet Pooja Kumar, the founder of Innove Intellects, a company that has revolutionized IPR awareness and support for inventors, startups, and educational institutions. Beyond her entrepreneurial prowess, Pooja's dedication to her family and her journey as a ‘Mompreneur’ serves as an inspiration to women worldwide. Innove Intellects, started in the year 2017, is an ISO-certified firm that delivers best-in-class services which includes Patent, Trademark, Design, and Copyright for clients in India and overseas. Innove Intellects not only provides IP services but also conducts awareness and IPR training programmes for students and professionals.

Pooja's journey began in 2010 when she ventured into the world of IPR as a consultant at Sanshadow Consultants. Forging ahead with determination, she took a leap of faith and left her job to pursue her passion as a freelancer. In 2017, she founded Innove Intellects, a platform that has since filed over 500 patents, 400+ copyrights, 500+ designs, and 100+ trademarks while conducting 200+ workshops on IPR awareness.

The Balancing Act of a Mompreneur
As a devoted mother of two, Pooja embodies the essence of a ‘Mompreneur’, gracefully balancing the responsibilities of motherhood with those of an entrepreneur. Juggling multiple roles, from being a daughter, wife, and homemaker, to an entrepreneur, Pooja
exemplifies the resilience and strength of modern women. In the era of remote work, Pooja acknowledges the advantages it brings, affording her the flexibility to manage both her family and professional commitments. Supported by her dedicated team, she effortlessly navigates through the demands of the two worlds, inspiring countless other Mompreneurs to achieve their dreams.

“Despite my busy schedule, I remain committed to self-improvement. Pursuing an LLB from Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut, and actively participating in business training and upskill webinars, I exhibit an unwavering thirst for knowledge and personal growth", high lights Pooja Kumar, Founder at Innove Intellects.

Pooja attributes her success to two essential principles that have guided her entrepreneurial journey. Firstly, unwavering commitment wherein Pooja emphasizes the importance of deeply committing oneself to the idea of entrepreneurship and aligning it with a specific business model or service/product. This unwavering dedication empowers entrepreneurs to adapt to market fluctuations and make informed decisions about their ventures.

Secondly, intuition and experience where Pooja believes that the right solutions often stem from personal and professional experiences, combined with intuition and keen observation. By understanding genuine market needs, entrepreneurs can create compelling and impactful offerings. Pooja acknowledges the challenges that come with building a startup. Hard work, long hours and delayed recognition are common hurdles faced by entrepreneurs. However, her determination and persistence have paid off, propelling Innove Intellects to new heights. Over the years, Pooja has witnessed a positive shift in perceptions towards women founders. Women are now rightfully recognized as equally entrepreneurial as their male counterparts. Encouraging statistics reflect the growing proportion of business accounts held by women, signifying a progressive shift in society's views.

Future Endeavors & Expanding Horizons
With Innove Intellects continuously growing and thriving, Pooja's vision is to explore new verticals within the broad scope of IP rights. Actively participating in national and international workshops and conferences, the company is set to push the boundaries of innovation further.

Drawing from her own experiences, Pooja offers valuable advice to upcoming women entrepreneurs. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining a clear vision and avoiding distractions. Acknowledging the blurred lines between hard work and smart work, she urges entrepreneurs to never underestimate their capabilities and to trust their instincts throughout their entrepreneurial journey.