3EA Consulting: Assisting MSMEs to Prosper by Rendering End-to-end Practice Solutions with Endless support

Dr. Vibhor Mishra,CEOThe Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sector in India is considered the backbone of the Indian economy with a contribution of 38 percent to India’s GDP, 40 percent share of export, and 37 percent share of the manufacturing output, apart from it employing almost 120 million individuals across the country. It is well understood that the MSMEs play a crucial role in furthering growth, innovation, and commerce in India. A major thrust consequently is the need of the hour to strengthen it and make it well-equipped. Significantly, an acclaimed management consulting firm dedicated to adding values that comprise thrivability to the MSMEs sector through its unique solution offerings is 3EA Ltd. The entire concept and approach behind the entrance into the business of management consulting was that all the co-founders along with Dr. Vibhor Mishra (CEO, 3AE) discerned the actual requirement of expertise of management for the MSMEs sector in India.

Speaking of which, there are big consulting companies, but they have limited reach and are unable to raise the bar concerning different sectors and industries in India for those who actually need their expertise, especially the MSME sector of India. Seeing a huge gap in the market, one platform was required which could serve the entire MSMEs segment under single-window mode. Perfectly understanding the requirement, with clear-cut intent of helping MSMEs segment of India to a single-window model where it could serve them with all experts across management domain, 3EA was incorporated in 2012, which was initially named as 3rd Eye Advisory.

An Edge over the Others
3EA is a one-stop solution provider, offering
registered capacity building and enhancement services. Coming to the fore about the capacity building and enhancement of MSME clients of the firm, 3EA takes responsibility for not only consulting and advisory, but it also holds ownership of execution. The firm takes ownership of hand-holding the team and indirectly becomes responsible for the achievement of business targets to the promoters of its clients. The firm conducts a complete review of the clients’ business across domains by a team of experts and professionals and goes back to the client after assessing their entire business and presents them the lacuna to be filled to achieve the business goals and targets. Further, if they require support, the firm takes accountability for its execution as well, which is one of the unique traits that set 3EA apart from the rest of the competitors.

We are a growth consulting company, wherein we help our clients to grow and flourish with the value-added services

As a matter of fact, multinational companies and national level companies look for data, research and reports; however, the MSMEs do not only require reports and data, but also want performance to be done either by their own team or by the consulting firm, which is the very reason why 3EA comes into the picture. Having said that, this is no easy task and a hard row to hoe, but 3EA has the requisite capability to train their employees to achieve the targets by their employees with its apt planning and leadership abilities. “We are a growth consulting company, wherein we help our clients to grow and flourish with the value-added services,” signifies Dr. Vibhor.

Future Endeavour
3AE has established tie-ups with chartered accountant firms, TV commercial production houses, law firms, and a couple of more private limited companies who are working exclusively under the banner of 3AE. Initially, the company was operating only in India, and currently, the firm has spread its footprint in Singapore, Estonia, Cyprus, and California. “We have realized that the MSME sector is almost similar across continents, and by the virtue of the quality work, we have very good consumer satisfaction level. Through word of mouth, people approached us and wanted to shake hands. Further, with the help of them, we have planned to expand worldwide and bring that respect back to India. Our co-founders and promoters have been part of big companies, including KPMG, McKinsey, BCG, and many more. Furthermore, one thing which we all have in common in our mind is that India has always been famous as Vishal guru, we have knowledge capital before centuries and is the core competency of our country. Momentarily, business is not that labor-intensive, business is more knowledge-oriented. Therefore, why should Indians go to other countries and work as innovators and inventors for them? As an organization, we wish and intend to bring that upliftment and aspire to be India’s first growth consultancy company, which is celebrated across the globe,” concludes Dr. Vibhor.