3nayan: Helping Organizations be Business and People Proficient

Suhas Dutta & Govindaraj Kozhipurath,  Founders & Managing Partners

Suhas Dutta & Govindaraj Kozhipurath

Founders & Managing Partners

3nayan is a group of subject matter experts who provide services around Growth Sustenance, Organizational Effectiveness and Transformation. The organization’s journey dates back to when the founders Govindraj Kozhipurath and Suhas Dutta(both former partners at Accenture)happened to meet at an alumni get together, discussed the potential of joining hands. The common idea uniting them was of helping organizations to grow and be successful. Post a few other brainstorming sessions, they zeroed in upon creating a firm that would help organizations; also small and medium sized businesses to be business and people proficient. They named their niche consulting company, 3nayan. “3nayan, as the name suggests, stands for the third eye, providing an insightful perspective. Several organizations grappling with strategic or operational issues are often too close to those issues and unable to see them neutrally or without some bias. We wanted to be that empathetic trusted advisor who is able to think and work for the organization but without that bias and provide that insight to work with,” says Suhas Dutta.
They are a small team of well versed consultants, who bring their wealth of experience across diffirent companies, having run startups of their own (successfully) extend their support to help small and medium businesses mature and grow. This is carried out through Advisory, Consulting, Mentoring and executing Projects depending upon the specific needs of the clients. The company helps transform businesses and provides services in the areas of Organizational Effectiveness, Strategy Re Energization, Growth Enablement, Automation and Digital Transformation. The services are not merely limited to strategy advisory but are focused on helping clients in executing the advice and in transformation.

The Silver Lining
Team 3nayan believes in doing the right thing for the clients going beyond what is required contractually.The success behind every assignment is ascribed to the intensity of both the team involved and customers can bring in together. Unlike most other consulting firms, the consultants that 3nayan deploys on the project have over 10 years of related experience. “We engage with one client at a time to ensure complete focus on that one client. Being a small team helps us to work well, remain focused, and keep our relationships strong; we research, brainstorm, get client participation and consolidate knowledge as we go along” Suhas informs.

With exclusive client servicing capabilities and a unique model of client interaction, 3nayan influences the clients to think strategy alignment, think operational optimization and growth, think change and how to
make it work. “Often, clients need to be guided down that path and be fed with the right information. When we walk away, the client executives and the management would typically have moved up the knowledge curve; the idea is to make the situation sustainable and not for the client to have to look for external advice for the same problem” Govindraj mentions. Recently, 3nayan has successfully executed a project with one of India’s leading health insurance companies helping them define their Digital Transformation strategy. “It’s all about what we believe needs to be done to achieve the appropriate business outcome, and isn’t really about just the deliverables that we may have been contracted for. If we believe, more needs to be done, we do it. This is neither about gold plating, nor about change requests but about being focused on the desired outcomes This perhaps sets us apart, and we wish other outfits overcame their empathy deficit and practically thought about outcomes and performed thus,” Govindraj enlightens.

They have worked in various areas, and have grown to believe that no amount of external subject matter expertise can surpass the inhouse knowledge in the client company. Hence, they ensure that client folk are involved as part of the project teams.

In the coming years, the focus of the team would be on continuing to keep a tight control on the outcomes they deliver to their customers without being delivery process governed. “We take pride in our clients’ successes and hope that each of our engagements makes some positive indelible and long term contribution,” concludes Suhas, on a positive note.