60 Bits Consulting: Facilitating The Delivery Of Business Outcomes Through People

Shyam Iyer,Founder

Shyam Iyer


The HR services industry in India has been around for more than three decades. Over the past few years, the HR Service industry has gone through some of the most radical evolutionary changes led primarily by technology and the rise of domestic home-grown multinationals. At present, the HR industry is believed to be worth more than Rs. 30,000 Crores. As India enters 2020 amidst an economic slowdown, the importance of HR Process Consultants will be vital to ensure the most efficient utilization of resources. Capitalizing on this trend, 60 Bits Consulting has emerged as one of the leading HR Boutique Management Consulting Firm in India. 60 Bits Consulting was established in the year 2017 by three industry professionals based out of Mumbai: Shyam Iyer, Harsha Shyam and Kala Diwanji. Shyam brings an interesting combination of people and practicality. His entrepreneurial perspective of the HR profession is founded on an unshakeable belief in people-and supported by his in-depth understanding of HR and Organizational Development. He brings more than 22 years of rich work experience in the HR function across multiple industries: Engineering, Manufacturing, R&D, to name just a few. He has made significant contributions-at various stages of the maturity curve-for all kinds of companies, from start-ups to well established multinationals. After a successful 13 years innings in the TATA Group out of which nine years as Head of HR for TATA Power SED, he set up to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams and founded 60 Bits Consulting. Harsha Shyam is the backbone when it comes to handling the Operations of 60 Bits Consulting. Passionate about Women Empowerment and Education, she has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. Kala Diwanji is a TEDx speaker and is the Creative mind behind 60 Bits Consulting. A Certified Creative and Process Facilitator she has more than 20 years of experience which includes running a successful business in leadership role and 10 years in facilitating and Training on Mindfulness for Peak Performance, Women Leadership Programmes using Creative Arts, Organizational Improv for Leadership Development and Change interventions.

60 Bits team has a combined experience of more than 50 plus years in facilitating People Practices and Process, Change Management Interventions, and Leader-ship Development trainings, they believe in making `Small Change leads to Big Difference'. 60 Bits empowers organizations by solving their Business Problems, enhancing Customer Value and improve Team Performance. They are well adept in Management Consulting and offering Learning solutions to businesses that include - Leadership Development workshops, Competency based learning programme across all levels,
Business Strategy, Goal setting, Visioning, Driving Employee Engagement, etc. Their HR and Organizational Developmental solutions include ­ improving Business and HR performance through a gamut of HR Architecture, enhancing Job Performance through Competency Mapping, Capability Building through Talent Development among many other such innovative solutions. 60 Bits Consulting believes that insights drive results and the best insight comes from people i.e. the Employees and Customers themselves.

Harsha Shyam, Founder

60 Bits Consulting is the first and the only company in India that conducts a government Certified Facilitation Skills open workshop known as LEAF (Learning and Engaging Actively through Facilitation). Shyam and Kala are IAF Certified Professional Facilitators (CPFs), among only 14 such Process Facilitators in India. Recently 60 Bits Consulting successfully launched the 13th LEAF workshop in Mumbai, India, and have done one batch at Bangladesh. The workshop had participants attending from all over the country. 60 Bits Consulting have had corporates such as TCS, TATA Motors, GPTW, Suzlon, HDFC, Sterling Wilson, Bharti Axa, etc attending the LEAF workshop. 60 Bits Consulting is revolutionizing the Virtual Facilitation space with their Online Learning Offerings in an engaging, impactful & interactive way.

Kala Diwanji, Co-Founder

During the short span of its existence, 60 Bits Consulting has gained the trust of some of the biggest companies in India which includes the likes of TATA Motors, TATA AIG, HDFC, Sony Music, ICICI Securities, L&T, ACG, and Sterling Wilson among many others. 60 Bits Consulting has facilitated work-shops in Malaysia, Paris, Hong Kong, Qatar, Bangladesh, and India. 60 Bits uses systems Thinking in designing and facilitating interventions. Specialists in facilitating organization wide Change interventions and applying Large Scale Change methods. The USP of 60 Bits Consulting is using Creative Arts with Process Facilitation. They are innovating in their thinking and solutions. The learning solutions are always in an OD way using a Dialogic approach, with need-based solutions. All the learnings are in an experiential manner keeping in mind Kolb's learning principles. The company is committed to the client's success and go beyond the brief to help them succeed by providing unconditional service guarantee for intervention outcomes. 60 Bits Consulting also provides coaching for Action Learning Projects. They have facilitated LSIP events covering more than 200 employees at one go and facilitated leadership workshops for up to four days duration.

60 bits consulting believes that insights drive results and the best insight comes from people

The practitioner's experience and expertise, being Certified Process and Creative Facilitators; coupled with a Head (Rational), Heart (Emotional) and Hand (Experiential) approach, and commitment towards its clients ­ all these factors put together gives 60 Bits Consulting a competitive edge over other HR Management Consulting service providers based in India.