A2Z Valuers: Effective Brand Valuation Approved By Govt. Of India (Valuation's Doctor)

Nitesh Shrivastav, FounderWith rising industrialization in the country, the demand for valuation and consultancy services is skyrocketing. We can witness the emergence of various new business leaders in the consultancy domain, many of whom have vast experience in valuation consultancy and various niche consultancy services. However, there are some challenges faced by clients while availing consultancy services in India. First is the difficulty of choosing the right consultant for the cause which is very difficult with the number of companies functioning in this domain. Second is the unavailability of all required services under one umbrella. Because of this, clients always have to go for different consultants in order to have a smooth flow of business. These are the two problems that A2Z Valuers are able to solve. With a very wide range of valuation and consultancy services and a highly skilled management, it has been able to gain traction in the market.

"A2Z Valuers Works To Provide Variety Of Valuations And Consultation Services Round The Corner Globally"

A2Z Valuers is a leading autonomous valuation body around the world. It powers the valuations that drive the client's satisfaction. A2Z Valuers works to provide variety of valuations and consultation services round the corner globally. It has valuation professionals having long years of experience in serving clients being individuals, government entities, corporate houses, PSU's, Private bodies and the list is long. A2Z deals in various fields as once the deliverables are designed they serve the purpose for every sector starting from 'A' TO 'Z' Agriculture and Cooperation, Animal Husbandry and Fishing Art and Culture, Chemical and Fertilizers, Coal and Mine, Commerce and Industry, Communication and Information Technology, Defense, Education and Training, Employment and Labor, Energy and Power, Environment and Natural resources, Finance, Banking and Insurance, Food and Public Distribution, Forestry and Wildlife, Governance and Administration, Health and Family Welfare, Home Affairs and National Security, Housing and Urban Development, Information and Broadcasting, International Affairs, Law and Justice, People and Organizations, Petroleum, Oil and Natural Gas, Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Science, Technology and research, Social Justice and Empowerment, Tourism, Transport and Infrastructure, Youth Affairs and Sports and more for both national and International clients, government entities, non-government bodies and others.

The company believes that many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up, A2Z Valuers aims to it with full force. "A2Z Valuers is independently handling numerous roles on all the platforms pertaining to A2Z Group with extensive experience in valuations, consultation, IT development, Energy, Real Estate, Law, Tax & Finance, ICT, Education, Agriculture, Business consulting, Procurement, Immigration, Import/Export", states Nitesh Shrivastav, Founder, A2Z Valuers.
Sound Leadership
Behind the successful running of A2Z Valuers, 'Nitesh Shrivastav' is the only name. Nitesh is a Civil Engineer having more than 10 years of vast experience in the field of Survey & Valuation of infrastructure like Metro Stations,Road, Bridges also Experienced in Site Supervision, Construction works, Tendering and Valuation. He is also experienced in Land Survey, Topographical Survey, Physical Survey, Alignment Survey, Building survey, Loss survey, Valuation survey, Demarcation survey & Road Survey. The Knowledge of construction methods and construction sequences in civil structural constructions above or below the ground is imbibed in him along with the sound knowledge of AutoCad. He is well familiar with IRC, Indian Standards & British Codes. Nitesh is dynamically leading the firm and is embarked with sharp business acumen and carves a niche in the market.

Credit List of his credentials and qualifications makes him one of the most trusted name in the industry today. A single click on the name of A2Z Valuers/Nitesh Shrivastav on the internet reveals it all. "I am licensed under section 34 AB of the wealth tax act 1957, section 77 of The Black Money (Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets) and Imposition of Tax Act 2015, licensed by the MSME to do Gold Valuation", he states. Nitesh holds a vast experience in valuing Arts. Nitesh as an independent art appraiser feels that Art valuation is a part of financial valuation that deals with the estimation of the fair market value of works of art. According to him the practice of art valuation combines the techniques of financial valuation with subjective views on the cultural value and significance of a particular artwork. Art valuation is a sophisticated branch of financial valuation since it requires a high level of expertise in valuation methods, as well as deep knowledge of the art world. Nitesh has valued various arts, paintings, artifacts, and the pieces related to art used for different purposes, including investments in works of art, tax planning, and insurance. Nitesh feels that valuation of artwork is a perfect example of why financial valuation is both an art and a science.

A2Z Valuers Is A Leading Autonomous Valuation Body Around The World. It Powers The Valuations That Drive The Client's Satisfaction

Nitesh has been associated with various groups and has been appointed as an appraiser for valuing the art work for private clients the list of which is long. On the basis of his expertise in the subject of Art Valuation, he has been appointed by the GST Department, Income Tax Department including other government departments to assess various art works during numerous raids conducted PAN India, which includes assessment of thousands of paintings worth crores of rupees, valuable artefacts of and many other art works. Nitesh has been contacted as a private art appraiser by various government/non-government departments/ individuals/private clients/ companies/museums and more to assess their art pieces.

In the words of Nitesh: "Our clients include esteemed organizations which are both public and private and as a mentor there is impeccable service to serve their every need categorically. I have always aimed and met out customer satisfaction and as an ardent performer; there is no belief in compromising and adjusting".

Standing Apart
A2Z team is comprising of A2Z Valuers and A2Z Law (headed by Nitesh Shrivastav) are one masters of their own kind. The team has the ability to work towards a common vision. It has the ability to direct individual accomplishments towards organizational objectives and has a fuel that allows the clients to attain uncommon results.

The company is having an immersive experience of strategic planning, developing new revenue sources, P&L, new product development, customer service management, customer interaction engagement, quality control, and managing MIS,IT and non-IT surveys, all forms of valuation, contract negotiations, tender finalization, asset management, business Operations and more and is experienced in organizational transformations making firms more agile and profitable", mentions Nitesh Shrivastav, Founder, A2Z Valuers.

Future Endeavours
A2Z Valuers and Nitesh have gained a lot of trust and name in the market under the A2Z Umbrella and are poised to work even harder in the years to come."We will keep working as a team and strengthen it by empanelling many other skilled experts from various fields. We are the most trusted valuation experts. A tongue doesn't get the works done, our work itself speaks", concludes the Founder.