A&A Business Consulting (AABC): Reconstructing the SME Sector

Pravin Daryani ,   Founder, Chairman & Managing Director

Pravin Daryani

Founder, Chairman & Managing Director

The mastermind of A&A Business Consulting, Pravin Daryani believes that positive intentions have the power to bring great reformation. Similarly, if a company is determined to improve the status of its clients’ business in the market then nothing can stop it from doing so. Subscribing to this very opinion, Pravin has constituted an influential SME consultancy firm to administer six different consulting practices namely, Sales, Finance, Branding, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Operations. The company not only takes charge of all the major impediments faced by small and medium businesses but frames effective strategies to drive their growth and development.”

Pravin holds the opinion that SMEs and the MSMEs have got large opportunities ahead of them and also possess the potential of bringing in huge contribution to the Nation’s GDP. The only things that
such companies lack is an absolute mentor who could assist them create or realign their stance in the economic and business ecosystem. Thus through the unique business model and methodology of A&A Business Consulting, he is assisting organizations to grow in every aspect. “The only aspirations to start this firm was to find the root cause of the challenges faced by the SMEs and enable them to grow economically,” states Pravin.

A&A Business Consulting is assisting organizations to grow financially

With over 450+ professionals onboard, A&A Business Consulting has served variegated clients from divergent disciplines and industries such as textiles, machine tools, apparel, agriculture, engineering, chemicals, food processing, healthcare & pharmaceuticals, telecom, education, BFSI, automobile, construction & infrastructure, and FMCG. Incorporating unique methodologies such as Consultant visits, Scope of Work(SOW), SME Owner training and encouraging every possible idea, A&A confers suitable products and services to its clients. To which Pravin adds, “We work towards creating networking opportunities for our group of clients where they can
interact with each other. The core aim here is to see our clients excel and gain profits.”

Founded in 2013, A&A is a self-funded company which has made tremendous headways. It has extended its reach to almost 7 states in India, is connected to a network of about 18000+SME, 10,000+ clients and completed a total of 1500+ projects. As far as its workforce strength is concerned, at present, it has about 450+ employees. It is fascinating to see that ever since its inception the company has been observing a robust work culture to keep its employees contended and motivated. This can be considered as one of the reasons that helped the company boost its productivity and achieve major successes.

The Roadmap Ahead
The company has set before itself a target of achieving a revenue worth of 150 crores by the next three years. Perceiving the fact that SME consulting has a wide scope, it is determined to set its foot more firmly in this space. It aspires to build a strong mechanism that would facilitate every client with the utmost liberty to measure and check the status and viability of their projects. In short, A&A Business Consulting aims to change the strands of the SME sector. “We have a bigger plan for us which is to be a leading SME consultant in the world, achieving revenue of 10,000 crores,” Pravin concludes.