A&A Law: Client-Centric Legal Solutions

Sanjay Aggarwal, Managing Partner,Sukhamrinder Singh Ahluwalia, Equity Partner

Sanjay Aggarwal, Managing Partner

Sukhamrinder Singh Ahluwalia, Equity Partner

The highly dynamic Indian business landscape has been striving towards becoming highly professional and regulated. As a consequence, commerce and legality have seen an increased interplay, giving a large boost to corporate legal consultants across the nation. Capitalizing on this trend and rendering clients with astute legal solutions is A&A Law, a full-service law firm, offering comprehensive legal services in all major areas of law. Armed with a capable team of multidisciplinary professionals having experience relevant to a wide range of legal and financial matters, the company has successfully worked with various prestigious clients such as Embassy of Peru, Embassy of Mexico, Accenture, IFCI, IIDL, Consulate of India (Indonesia), NHPC, NEEPCO, NSDC and more. A&A has been involved in handling Arbitration disputes worth Rs.160 crore and suit for damages of Rs.1,000 crore along with noted transactions like slump sale, private equity and demergers.

Focusing on Five Cs to Achieve Success
With a long list of successfully executed prestigious projects under
its belt, it's safe to say that A&A has
reached pinnacles of success. The firm attributes its success to the approach of 'the 5 Cs' adopted by the team. Keeping 'Clients' at its top priority, the A&A team focuses on delivering solutions based on the needs of its client. Undertaking a proactive approach, the firm develops strong relationships with its clients. The company also ensures 'Consistent' successful delivery of results to its clients.

Adopting a 'Creative' approach to problem-solving, the A&A team thinks outside the box and devises new means according to the needs of its clients

Adopting a 'Creative' approach to problem-solving, the A&A team thinks outside the box and devises new means according to the needs of its clients. The company also makes constant efforts to keep its ‘Cost’ down in order to pass on the advantages to clients. The last piece of the 5 C Approach is 'Communication'. “We understand how important it is to keep the communication open regarding our client’s work. We, therefore, strive to be in constant communication with our clients,” explains Sanjay Aggarwal, Managing Partner, A&A Law. Additionally, the company also makes an effort to first understand the business and intricacies involved in a client’s business and working, irrespective of the transaction size and thereafter provides its services and solutions.

Judicious Legal Services
The New Delhi headquartered
company renders corporate & commercial advisory along with ancillary legal services. The firm’s services are aimed not only at effectively managing legal risks but also towards providing end-to-end solutions based on a commercial perspective of the matter.

Possessing expertise in both contentious and non-contentious legal services, the firm has built a comprehensive roster of services. Under non-contentious services, A&A renders strategic planning, providing legal opinions, preparing documents, and conducting negotiations. The contentious services include arbitration, representation of clients in court hearings at all levels, and enforcement of court judgments and arbitral awards. Additionally, the company possesses proficiency in providing services for commercial & non-commercial litigation and corporate governance.

With a well-rounded service portfolio, A&A is capable of handling matters successfully, irrespective of their complexity or size. Clients also benefit from the high level of personal attention from the Partners at the firm, who ensure efficient execution of the assignment at a quick turnaround time.

The client centric organization has also identified the need of staying on top of the learning curve in order to stay relevant. “While the development of legal technology, or legal tech, is racing ahead in jurisdictions such as the US, countries in Asia are increasingly catching up with the trend,” explains Sukhamrinder Singh Ahluwalia, Equity Partner, A&A Law. The firm has incorporated inbuilt features on its platform along with the emphasis on Artificial Intelligence.