Aaroh Consulting: Working For Impact On Toplines And Bottom Lines

Arundhati Mukherjee,Founder-Director

Arundhati Mukherjee


According to an estimate, there are more than 10,000 firms in India that provide SME consultancy services. Out of that 10,000, 6,000 firms are from metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai. The Indian SME consultancy industry is estimated to grow even more in the coming 5 years. The industry has many players but there are very few players as structured and aligned to SME requirements like Aaroh. Aaroh is promoted by industry veterans who have been in leadership positions in Fortune 100/500 companies like TCS, Accenture, Etisalat, CARE and others.

Arundhati Mukherjee, the founder-director of Aaroh says, "We bring best practices from Fortune 100 companies, adapted for SMEs. We, are recognized by DPIIT, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India as a Startup and have been the knowledge partner for leading industry associations in India like BSE SME, CII, FIEO, etc."

The founders of the company bring over 2 decades of experience each from major brands in varied industry segments like Technology, Manufacturing, Telecom, Not-for-Profits and Education. This amounts to an accumulated experience of 200+ years and this is how it has become a sought after partner for SMEs within a few years.

Focus On Topline, Operations, Bottomline
Aaroh provides SMEs with a wide range of services in the areas of Marketing, Technology and Finance to redefine their approach to the market, operations and profitability. The company is now present in India and Dubai and works with clients across multiple countries. The working style of the company is straightforward, yet effective. It firstly draws information, and insights from its clients, customers, markets around the world and the business environments.

After gathering all the insights, Aaroh charters a growth path and executes transformational assignments to enable SMEs to achieve visible, measurable and profitable growth in the medium to long term.

Arundhati states, "We see a lot of potential among SMEs to grow to be large companies just like Startups are currently growing into large companies. Earlier, only businesses with some big business backing were becoming large. But today because of democratization of funds, companies are coming from nowhere to become large companies. See the examples in India:
BhartiAirtel, Infosys, Havells to mention a few. These are all companies which did not have any big business house backing them.

They were of negligible size just a couple of decades or so back. They have achieved mega size in the last 2-3 decades - One generation." Ambition and willingness to adapt best practices from the industry gives them that turbo growth. Aaroh with its established model in offering CMO on Demand for over 3 years, is now launching CTO and CFO on Demand to offer support to SMEs in the complete "Growth Triad `' to enable them to live upto their ambitions.

Building On Entrepreneur's Ambition And Aaroh's Industry Experience
Aaroh believes that small and medium size enterprises are run by extremely capable and energetic entrepreneurs. Second generation entrepreneurs are ambitions and often come with a strong education background. They lack the big company best practices and Industry experience to make that leap into turbo growth. That is where Aaroh comes in. The company has a strong and skilled leadership and execution team with experience in some of the best companies. This helps Aaroh quickly build on its domain knowledge to adapt the best practices for the entrepreneurs.

Having such a strong team has helped the company deliver on its commitments to the clients. Arundhati emphasizes, "It takes a combination of understanding of best practices and industry experience to be able to advise entrepreneurs who have lived with their businesses for a long time. More and more, second generation entrepreneurs are recognising the need for Marketing to lead their growth initiatives" After gathering all the information/data about the clients and their requirements, Aaroh develops strong insights and plans to create the transformational journey.

Aaroh provides SMEs with a wide range of services in the areas of Marketing, Technology and Finance to redefine their approach to the market, operations and profitability

Future Prospects
Aaroh has made a significant impact in its first 2-3 years. The company has focused on training people, adapted large company best practices for SMEs and created well defined models meant exclusively for SMEs. Aaroh has transformed the way its clients interact with its clients, employees and other stakeholders. In 2020, COVID has put the company back a few steps, but it has been recovering swiftly as well. Arundhati claims, "We have invested more in marketing and awareness and business development for Aaroh during COVID times. Which is yielding results now as we are seeing work coming back to us very quickly. We are bouncing back quickly to pre-COVID levels because we kept our visibility high during COVID and engaged our customer segment."

Since, the company has been recovering from the COVID situation quite effectively, it is estimated that it will soon be back in its old form and help many more medium sized companies to achieve their ambitions of becoming INR 1000 Cr companies. After strong reception from SMEs as CMO on Demand, It has now launched CTO on Demand and CFO on Demand which will help SMEs to really focus on profitability, (not just cash flows), and create wealth. Since it already possesses a high quality customer base, launching CTO and CFO on Demand has always been the company's big plan.

"Together, with this triad of growth, we expect to completely change the way SMEs present themselves, operate and build wealth for their stakeholders. For SMEs it is the same as accessing a Big 5 Consulting firm at a fraction of the cost because Aaroh's business model is focussed on SMEs." concludes Arundhati.