Aarohana Consulting: Professionalizing Indian Organizations, Driving Human-Centric Transformation & Creating Sustainable & Value-based Cultures

 Sarthak Raychaudhuri,   Founder & CEO

Sarthak Raychaudhuri

Founder & CEO

In the ever-changing world of Organizational Development Consulting, marked by a notable CAGR of 12.5 percent, as projected by Market Research Future, reaching Rs.2,544.20 million by 2027, consultants play a pivotal role in improving businesses. Within this dynamic field, consultants are instrumental in crafting strategic plans, nurturing leadership capabilities, overseeing change management, and promoting employee engagement. Contemporary trends encompass the proliferation of virtual team development, a heightened focus on diversity and equity, as well as the integration of technology-driven solutions. However, clients face challenges in aligning consultant expertise with organizational needs, managing costs, sustaining changes, addressing resistance, and measuring the return on investment, particularly in areas like culture and leadership. In this changing landscape, Aarohana Consulting emerges as a problem-solver, dedicated to enabling growth and fostering human-centric transformation. With the purpose to professionalize India, Aarohana Consulting collaborates with established Indian businesses, elevating the people practices to global standards, creating sustainable value based culture through a human-centric transformation.

Nurturing Ascent & Transformation
Aarohana Consultancy derives its name from the Sanskrit word 'Aarohana', symbolizing ascendancy through music, reflecting the firm's commitment to guiding individuals and organizations to unparalleled heights. “Our approach is centered on fostering growth while cherishing the human spirit, treating client success as our own. Specializing in
enduring transformations, we recognize that genuine change requires time, and we work closely with specific clients to address their distinct needs”, speaks Sarthak Raychaudhuri, Founder & CEO. The journey includes success stories from small tech firms to major conglomerates, measuring success not just by revenue or client count, but by the profound impact on organizations.

Excelling in Identifying & Nurturing Leadership Talents at all Levels
The firm offers comprehensive professional services, committed to facilitating organizational change, talent development, and personal growth. With a focus on enhancing organizational effectiveness and achieving visibility, the firm employs a uniquely holistic approach. Specializing in building future-ready capabilities and mitigating talent redundancy risks, Aarohana excels in identifying and nurturing leadership talents at all levels. The company distinguishes itself as a problem solver, prioritizing client solutions over product sales. “We merge scientific tools with real-world business experience to guarantee thorough issue resolution. Our philosophy revolves around sharing knowledge and empowering clients. We focus on promoting self-sufficiency and fostering continuous collaboration. This approach helps us tackle changing challenges and provide enduring, transformative solutions", says Sarthak Raychaudhuri.

A Diverse Team Offering Comprehensive Solutions in Organizational Consulting
Aarohana Consulting, led by Founder Sarthak Raychaudhuri, boasts 25+ years of HR expertise. With a background in organization development and change management, Sarthak held senior roles in multinational corporations, including Vice president of HR at Whirlpool Asia. Focused on transforming organizational culture and people practices, he is a certified coach, mentoring CXO-level leaders globally. His industry experience spans manufacturing, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, and retail. The team, comprising Maheshwari Jani and Medika Sood as Senior Consultants, having more than fifteen years of corporate experience, while Associate Consultant Smritika Sharma and Management Trainee Biswajeet Sahoo, supports the delivery team and helps in creating new products. Aarohana's diverse team is designed to provide comprehensive solutions in organizational consulting.

Aarohana Consulting aligns with India's evolving OD landscape, emphasizing the role of OD in organizations. Many industry players establish internal OD departments, while smaller firms seek external consultancy for unbiased perspectives. Aarohana aids family-owned businesses by providing an objective view and addressing their internal challenges. However, the qualitative nature of OD interventions demands faith and patience, leading to uncertainties among leaders. Changing organizational culture and behavior takes time and persistence, posing challenges for quick results. In an increasingly aware and demanding market of OD interventions, Aarohana stands out as an organisation, driving value based, human centric, cultural and behavioural transformation.