Adventes Tax Advisors: Endeavoring to Bring Strategic Transformation in Businesses with Cost-Effective Indirect Taxes Services

Santosh Maurya, Managing Partner &,Bharath Madakari,  Managing Partner

Santosh Maurya, Managing Partner &

Bharath Madakari, Managing Partner

The multi-layered Indirect Tax levied both at the Central & State level in India is characterized with frequent changes & modifications, which need to be adopted by business instantaneously, including the biggest change i.e. Goods and Services Tax (GST). Their impact on material and product costs, cash flow, business structuring, profitability and ultimately on shareholder value is vital for businesses to stay ahead in competition. In light of these, Firms are expected to provide services not only in the traditional fields of auditing, accounting, taxation but are also expected to act as partners to their clients who can optimize these taxes, implement innovative tax planning and effectively manage compliance.

Adventes Tax Advisors (“ATA”) is one such firm which has positioned it self as a specialized consultant providing gamut of services in the field of Indirect Taxes including GST.

Founded in 2015, the firm has grown in leaps and bound in a brief period by providing a broad array of high quality indirect taxes services to its clients in a most competent and professional manner. The primary focus of ATA in the last two years has been to provide innovative solutions and practical structures for businesses to successfully tackle the onslaught of the impending GST. The firm has invested with businesses in many sectors including Real Estate, Financial Services, FMCG, Pharma, Traders, Other Manufactures and has been working with them for effective implementation of GST.

ATA also specialises in customize compliance work related to GST. In addition, the firm has been assisting its clients on obtaining viable export and import benefits as present under the Foreign Trade Policy. Another of the major assistance provided by the firm to
its clients is in obtaining refund claims from authorities adhering the statutory requirements as well as the fact of impending shift to GST.

Standing Out in the Competition

ATA is adeptly guided by two Managing Partners, Bharath Madakari (NLSIU Bangalore)and Santosh Maurya(Chartered Accountant), passionate to refine indirect tax strategies for tackling tax implications for business transactions. The Managing Partners bring to table a combined experience of more than 25 years with Big Fours and reputed tax law firms. Their rich experience consists of working with companies including MNCs that have helped them in inculcating a global and solution oriented approach towards tax structuring.A unique combination of a law graduate and a chartered accountant ensures that the firm provides a legally viable and practically workable solution.

The venture provides comprehensive advice and assistance on various indirect taxes such as on-call advisory (advising on day-to-day queries upon tax applicability, implications and interpretations), tax restructuring (optimize taxes), representation (signify tax requirements, interest or concern of business), advocacy, due diligences(evaluate the tax position and target company in-case of mergers & acquisition), litigation management(analyze & assist in managing litigations or investigations), compliance management(undertake routine compliances to ensure quality), Refund Management , SVB (manage scheme of refunds) and so on.

Adventes endeavours to build the capabilities of employees and offer them opportunities to contribute, develop and make a difference in the areas of audit, tax and advisory. “We believe that people are our biggest assets and it is our people who differentiate us in the competitive market. We strive to hire people who are talented, intellectually curious and driven to make a difference,” says Santosh. Adventes’ experienced professionals are capable of developing efficient and cost-effective tax strategies that help clients to outperform the competition and stay ahead of the innovative curve. They are well informed and understand the nuances of regulations, the importance of deep industry knowledge and the growing role of
technology experience. To further enhance their knowledge, company encourages them to work with its partners and provide various trainings based on recent industry trends, enabling them to unlock their skills and potential growth. Backed by years of industry experience, ATA’s services are acknowledged by the clients for their reliability and excellence.

Established its presence in Mumbai (Headquarter), Pune and New Delhi, company aims at ‘achieving strategic transformation’ in businesses with its quality indirect taxes services. With this motto, Adventes serves a huge number of clientele including Multinationals& Indian Corporates across verticals like Manufacturing, IT/ITeS, Entertainment, Financial institutions, Real Estate and others. “With our focused approach and strategic planning in execution, we believe we are best firm to partner with your esteemed organization and provide the requisite services,” claims Bharath.

Their innovate streak is demonstrated by their online portal scrip to facilitate clients to coordinate and trade DGFT Scrips. All in all, a young and dynamic firm, ATA is an ideal partner in the India growth story that strives to take businesses to the next level with its strong, innovating and solution oriented approach.

Key Management:
SantoshMaurya, Managing Partner

Law graduate and member of sales tax practitioners association of Maharashtra,Santosh has immense knowledge and experience in the field of indirect taxes with special focus on advisory, representations and litigation.

Bharath Madakari, Managing Partner

CA and member of sales tax practitioners association of Maharashtra,Bharath has vast experience in the domain of indirect taxes including advisory, representations and litigation.

Offerings:Advisory, litigation, advocacy & representation and other indirect services

Clients:Various MNCs and Indian corporates across vertical such as manufacturing,IT/ITeS,entertainment, banking and other financial institutions,real estate, power sector and oil & gas