AforeCybersec: Ensuring Clients' Cyber Well-being Using an Evolutionary Platform

Sandeep Vijayaraghavan K, , CEOCyber threats started gaining strength in the late 90s due to viruses like Trojans, which infiltrated systems and disrupted functioning, services and operations of organisations and eventually shut them down. Almost two decades later, this problem has now evolved into a security and financial threat where cyber criminals are targeting important establishments like government organisations, banks& enterprises. While many cyber security organisations fail mainly due to their inability to keep up with the constantly transforming cyber threat landscape, Bangalore-based AforeCybersec is in tune with the trend and follows a Synergetic Model of Development.

AforeCybersec's highly certified (CISSP and SANS) team of experts is constantly evolving to protect its customers against the sophisticated cyber attacks, phishing, malware, data exfiltration to offer 360o cyber security with unwavering focus on clients’ 'cyber well-being', Sandeep Vijayaraghavan K, CEO, AforeCybersec, states, “We offer best of the breed solutions & services offerings with a strong end-to-end SOAPA (security operations and analytics platform architecture)portfolio. With our policy mapping and cost efficient services, we bring our clients relief
from data loss and malicious security threats”.

By monitoring the host’s activities & evaluating the internal network inconsistencies and deploying vulnerability scanners & anti-malware sandboxes, AforeCybersec is able to raise the bars against impending threats

Security at its Best
Resting on the three pillars of People, Process and Technology, AforeCybersec has built a dynamic security architecture model, comprising of tools like Endpoint Detection / Response (EDR), Incident Response Platforms (IRPs), Network & User Behaviour Analytics, Threat Intelligence Program and many more that prove indispensible in identifying the problem’s root cause and subsequently prioritizing them on the basis of their threat levels, analyzing its movement and increasing the system’s immunity by creating a safety mesh post treatment. By monitoring the host’s activities & evaluating the internal network inconsistencies and deploying vulnerability scanners & anti-malware sandboxes,the company is able to raise the bars against impending threats.

Typically, AforeCybersec focuses on security strategy, risk & compliance, vulnerability & penetration testing, advance SOC, incident response & digital forensics, smart embedded
devices platform security, and several others to build up the security walls for the client. “Our intelligence driven brand protection, cyber-intelligence and hunt team service makes us an exclusive preference to our customers,” adds Sandeep.

Constantly updating new dynamics to enhance traditional technologies to a more secure, vigilant, and resilient cyber-security model, this ISO 27001 – 2013 certified organisation seamlessly creates a defence & response mechanism for customers. By deploying its process driven Incident Management, Threat & Vulnerability Management, Data Centre Security, and Security Analytics, AforeCybersec delivers a proactive cyber defence approach. This shields yet another important aspect, of identity theft protection services.The company creates a multi-factor authorization model that creates a multiple layered defence system assuring clients of any compromises to customer environment.

Leveraging technologies like Elastic for Analytics, ArcSight SIEM, Cyber bit SOC3D for Incident Response & SCADA Security, helps Afore Cybersec to offer impeccable cyber security services to various industries like Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, BFSI, Telecommunications, Power Plants & Refineries, Energy, Oil & Gas and several others. “Since we usually deal with highly sensitive data,we strictly align our services and adhere to the rules, standards, and regulatory compliances of the particular industry framework,” asserts Sandeep. With a combined experience of 100 man years, the team is constantly updating new dynamics to enhance the traditional technologies for a more secure, vigilant cyber security model in future.