Alankit Assignments: Educating to Create Wealth

Alok Kumar Agarwal,Chairman&Managing Director

Alok Kumar Agarwal

Chairman&Managing Director

A wise man once said, “make your money work for you, instead of working for it”. A commonly used personal finance advice; it highlights the importance of money as a tool and investment as a path to achieving financial independence. Given the sheer number and varied nature of investment avenues available in the market, sound investment is no simple feat to achieve for the common man. Alok Kumar Agarwal, Chairman & Director, Alankit Assignments Ltd., believes that knowledge can make all the difference. His organization, which specializes in financial services, e-Governance, insurance and health care verticals, focuses on providing all necessary services to improve clients’ knowledge to enable them to take the right investment calls to reap better returns. “Given the highly volatile nature of the market, it is our primary concern to protect the interests of our investment community and ensure that they reap reasonable returns from their investments. This is achieved by imparting the right knowledge to our clients,” explains Alok.

This New Delhi headquartered company specializes in equity, currency, commodity and energy exchanges. Additionally, the Alankit team also possesses competency in foreign exchanges, such as provide trading facility through the Dubai Gold & Commodity Exchange. With a focus on maintaining a personalized approach, the company renders dedicated services such as easy account opening (life time free) right at the door step, anytime easy back office access facility for account information, continuous alerts through SMS, app-based mobile trading, anytime, anywhere internet trading and online payments through online mode. A true one-stop-solution for all financial services and advisory needs of over 21 million clients across India, the organization has also worked with 3600 corporate clients through 5468 business locations across more than 673 cities.

Protecting Client Interests
The financial market can be highly volatile and one wrong move could cause immense
financial loss to an investor. Alankit makes it prime responsibility to protect and safeguard the interest and investment of the investment community. Though the firm undertake a number of cautionary steps, some clients still go against the wind and trend. "Once they burn their fingers due to bad investments, they start blaming the system, exchanges, regulators and ultimately the broking community," explains Alok. “At this juncture, we play a vital role in counselling the client and explaining to them the realities of the market, wise investment strategies to drive them away from the negative zone to a more positive one,” he further adds.

Alankit makes it prime responsibility to protect and safeguard the interest and investment of the investment community

The firm also conducts seminars to educate the investment community to reap reasonable returns from their investments. Alankit also imparts knowledge about topics such as asset allocation by customization according to the characteristics and circumstances of the market,active investment decisions such as greater allocation to return seeking assets, 'think on the feet' approach enabling quick solutions, in depth knowledge across various sectors, deep understanding of the dynamics of entrepreneurial venture / business and how to overcome the stress and avoid the participation in panic markets. The firm’s capital market professional experts and analysts prepare research based reports on various sectors that are in the limelight, in order to share with its clients to guide them towards higher returns.

The experienced team also educates clients about various strategies such as extended leadership, expanded and deeper client relationship, bail and on core strengths& capabilities, each higher risk-adjusted returns on equities, optimized capital and managing the risk, focus on efficiencies to deliver long time/short time value.

Simplifying Investment
Financial independence is a common goal for most individuals; however, every one’s path to achieving it cannot be the same. The Alankit team thus focuses on first understanding the goals and inspirations of investors and then suggesting investment decisions. “We also impart financial
recommendations, after due scrutiny, comprehensive analysis and a detailed study of the market patterns,” adds Alok. Offering flexible investment plans such as SIP, which provide for easy conversion of physical mutual fund units into a dematerialized form, Alankit facilitates faster transactions that are cost efficient and risk free. It also offers advisory on multiple options of investments such as tax saving ELSS schemes, RBI Bonds, Capital Gain Bonds U/s 54EC, corporate fixed deposits and primary market investments. The competent team at Alankit excels at offering certain services that stand unparalleled from any other service providers. PAN/TAN advisory, professional management of an investor’s entire investment portfolio, Pension Scheme NPS, Depository Services and Insurance broking are a few of the firm’s areas of expertise.

Ensuring Client Success
Over the years, the firm has delivered relatively more stable wholesale earnings in comparison to other players in the space. With its experts available online for one-on-one chats with the clients to clarify any queries they may have, the Alankit team guides them appropriately by providing live market information.The firm is now looking to further expand its business by building associations with more business partners while enhancing its dedicated client services and adopting the latest advanced technology. “In terms of the capital market consultancy, we are focused on implementation of another vital strategic component and cross-selling to our existing customer base,” adds Alok. The firm is also working towards adding more services and group companies to its portfolio in the years to come. Focused on global expansion, the firm is spreading its wings to cities such as Dubai, London and Singapore. Be it catering to a much larger customer base or adding new services to its roster of services, Alankit is on the move and is racing towards further growth.

Key management:
Alok Kumar Agarwal, Chairman & Managing Director
Holding a Bachelor degree in Commerce, Alok is also a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India along with being a member of Institute of Financial Consultant Institute of Internal Auditors.

Awards: NSDL Star Performer Award 2013,2014, 2015 & 2017 for being the TopPerformer in Active Accounts(Top DPs)& Top Performer- Highest Asset Value amongst several others