ALF Green Consultants: Designing Sustainable Ecosystem

Sirish Chandra,Founder & Principal Consultant

Sirish Chandra

Founder & Principal Consultant

The perception that a green building costs more than a conventional building is a myth. With the evolution of innovative technologies and materials available in the market, the cost is marginally more, which, with tangible savings in energy & water bills with occupant comfort will be negligible. Governments have been extending multiple incentives to promote green buildings. This needs to be done across the board so that the stakeholders come forward to promote green buildings. ALF Green Consultant’sapproach is to provide the best possible certification based on the nature of the project, client requirements and most important, the spending capacity.

Based in Hyderabad, ALF Green Consultants was established with an aim to help mid and large-scale construction companies achieve green building certification with least turnaround time. The company provides Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) compliance, ECBC Third-Party Assessor (TPA), Green Building Certification, MEP Designs, Chartered Engineer, Valuation services, amongst others. “Our focus is to provide cost-effective and high-quality services while meeting the schedule with an integrative approach involving all the relevant stakeholders of a project,” speaks Sirish Chandra Posa, Founder and Principal Consultant.

The Beginning
Being from an urban area, one of the things that Sirish personally experienced was water scarcity and regular power cuts along with lack of natural ventilation and sunlight in homes. More exposure to such challenges during his travel to various places broadened his mind about energy conservation and he realized how other countries were gearing up to conserve energy and water. This moved him and he decided to set up a company dedicated to design a sustainable ecosystem.
This marked the beginning of ALF Green Consultants. With a humble beginning of providing engineering and CAD services, the company later expanded its services portfolio to Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) Green Building Certification and MEP Designs. In April 2019, it made additions to its services portfolio by venturing into Chartered Engineer and Valuation services.

As a part of its growth strategy, we believe in collaborative type of market approach whereby the best of technologies/solutions and resource skills are made available to the client on a single platform

While initially making a mark in the industry among the already established players was quite a task, steadily the team gained trust and confidence of customers. “With project experiences under our belt, we now are better equipped and confident in terms of addressing the requirements of the clients and are geared up for new challenges,” Sirish mentions.

The Path Travelled
Over the years, there has been a steady rise in the resource pool who have contributed and provided momentum to the success story of the organization. ALF Green Consultant’s also stitched partnerships/business alliances with architectural firms and engineering services companies with an objective to reach-out to a greater number of clienteles for providing services. Sirish asserts, “From the point where we started, ALF has been successfully able to establish a presence in the market and is recognized as one of the players to look out for.”

As a part of its domestic growth strategy, team ALF is working towards increasing the footprint into specific states of India primarily through network of business partners/alliances. Apart from this, they also plan to engage with OEM’s in the respective regions to increase the market reach.
As ALFGreen continues to focus on the domestic market, they feel that extending services to global customers is also imperative at this juncture of environmental challenges, which not only will contribute to the revenue but will also provide an insight as to how latest technological tools are being used globally to overcome the challenges of the environment. With this in mind, ALF Green Consultants have started operations in Chicago, U.S.A. and have ventured into the UAE market in partnership with a local firm with a vision to focus on specific services to start with.

As a strategy to collaboratively approach the market, ALF Green Consultants have entered into an agreement with Thinkstep, U.K. for providing EDGE Expert services for EDGE Buildings Certification in GCC markets. With this joint effort, they will be able to take to customers in GCC market the advantage of achieving EDGE Building certification at an affordable cost.

“We strongly believe that to achieve year-on-year growth, acquiring of skill sets and continuously upgrading of the same remains the key. This would be one of our key-focus as we move along in creating an efficient and effective resource pool“.