Alive Consulting: Ushering In a Practitioner's Perspective to Leadership Development

V Ravichandran,FounderSuccessful leadership is no cakewalk. With one eye on grabbing impending opportunities, a leader must efficaciously overcome all challenges and uncertainties that come his way. Needless to say, leaders do require all the help that they can get; this is where the work of competent L&D professionals comes in. However, most L&D professionals hail from an HR background and do not possess real world experience of leading large teams. Remedying this is Alive Consulting, an L&D consulting firm founded by V Ravichandran, a seasoned industry professional. Bringing in a practitioner’s perspective to leadership, he has built an organization which specializes in rendering leadership workshops, design thinking workshops, mentoring, and shared services advisory.

With a career spanning over 30 years, Ravi has held senior positions such as the Senior VP, HP Global Business Services and MD, ANZ,and has led large global teams and worked with Global Leaders in solving business problems. This real time leadership experience with large MNCs puts him in a special position to aid leaders in solving their business challenges. “Unlike other L&D
professionals, I approach leadership from a business perspective, which makes a great difference in the problem solving process,” he adds. Companies approach him with specific business challenges and utilizing his expertise he constructs design thinking workshops to remedy these challenges successfully.

Alive Consulting’s leadership development is aimed at helping clarify vision, mission and purpose of teams, strategy workshops, leadership aspects, change management and scaling an organization

The Expert Service
Founded in 2014, Alive Consulting’s leadership development is aimed at helping clarify vision, mission and purpose of teams, strategy workshops, leadership aspects, change management and scaling an organization. Specializing in guest lectures, design thinking workshops, leadership workshops, entrepreneurship workshops coaching /mentoring of senior level leaders, young mid-level managers and women leaders, Alive Consulting has worked with various organizations spanning across industries.

An expert at rendering highly effective workshops, Ravi picks up areas of specializations instead of building a general workshop. Functioning as a one man army, he believes in conducting all his workshops on his world anecdotes and stories
that I have gathered over the course of my work in the corporate world,” he adds. Consequently, he builds practical workshops aimed at inculcating execution excellence and consistency.

Additionally, Alive Consulting also possesses the capability in aiding companies in their journey of setting up shared services or selecting a BPO. Leveraging his experience at HP and ANZ, Ravi helps clients set up shared services organizations. Alive Consulting also renders advisory services related to risk management and business excellence services within shared services. Clients also receive advisory while selecting an appropriate BPO/ITO Service Provider. “I have also been working with few multinationals advising them on their shared service strategy and working with their senior leaders on setting up their analytics and data sciences function,” Ravi adds.

In keeping with the requirements of today’s digital world and emphasis on understanding user experience better, Alive Consulting also focuses on delivering design thinking workshops. The firm adopts a hands-on approach and builds activity based design thinking workshops with live examples/cases. In the next few months, Alive Consulting is looking to strengthen its digital strategy advisory capabilities. “With the advent of time, more and more companies will look to leverage the disruption to business model through digital. I am working on developing and curating content towards this end,” Ravi elaborates. Combining his prior industry experience and understanding of future needs, Alive Consulting is helping build resilient leaders.