Allied Visa Services: Turning Your US Dream into Reality

Manisha Mopalwar & Sangeeta Lakshman,Founder & Operations Manager

Manisha Mopalwar & Sangeeta Lakshman

Founder & Operations Manager

Living the American dream is now harder than ever before. With the US Immigration Laws tightening their hold around the influx of immigrants, the global immigration industry is being dealt with a serious blow. NASSCOM confirms that the immigration industry has crashed from 12 percent in 2014-15 to 10 percent in 2016-17. Though the circumstances present a grim scenario, there is no dearth of Indians who are willing to shell out enormous sums and blindly place it in the hands of fraud consultants with the hope to relocate their base to the States in search of better opportunities. This blind faith, coupled with ignorance is often exploited, leaving the immigrants defenseless in a foreign land.

With over five years of experience in this field, Allied Visa Services (AVS), armed with transparency, guides customers through possible legal options to help them migrate or get visa. Started as a not-for-profit information website for prospective visa applicants, this niche organization (with prime focus on US immigration) has by far, handled 4000+ successful cases, helping
corporate, individuals and students attain the coveted permanent resident visa and U.S tourist or business visas through its state-of-the-art U.S immigration interview training. “Clients are more concerned about the current immigration scenario and the thugs that are out, hence prefer to go to experience consultants like AVS who have legal expertise,” states Sangeeta Lakshman, Manager Operations, Allied Visa Services.

AVS’ clients receive US visa interview training where they are introduced to real life situations and given a step-by-step information & guidance of the process that increases their chance of approval multifold

A Unique Offering

While other consultants have heavy percentage of failures to their credit, AVS is aware that application for US tourist or business visa is one of the most difficult and statistically has the maximum number of rejection rates among the Indian applicants, owing to their inability to appropriately present their case. Countering this, AVS’ clients receive US visa interview training where they are introduced to real life situations and given a step-by-step information & guidance of the process that increases their chance of approval multi fold. Additionally, the novice applicants also get the opportunity
to gain insights on the dos and don'ts of the interview through its extensive video library featuring successful client stories and a distinguished panel of global immigration lawyers, amplifying their chances of approval.

Offering value added services solely for corporate, AVS goes a step beyond its competitors and offers turnkey solutions including office set ups, intra-company employee transfer, job visas, green card and many more to ease their settlement onto a foreign soil. Clients can also resolve their travel hassles through the AVS’s preferred vendors. One of the clients, Veena Jai singh exclaims, “Their experience and understanding of the process is solid. It is important that you get things right the first time so that you are worry-free. I would really recommend working with Allied Visa Services”.

AVS takes the volatility of the industry in its stride and ensures that the counselors undergo a regular training session to keep themselves abreast of the latest trends & laws, and ride the technology wave with the help of its strong IT team responsible for accurate marketing and business processing through the in-house customized software. With raving online reviews, AVS’ revenue has been growing at the rate of 100 percent YOY basis, all credit to its exceptional US immigration services that ranks it on top of Google search. With its presence in Mumbai and Ahmedabad, AVS envisions expanding its base to several Indian cities that have potential clients but lacks professional services, and aims to targets educational institutes & SMBs in near future.