AlphaValley Advisors: Offering Fundraising Advisory to Early-Stage Start-Ups

Abhishek Sinha,FounderFor any entrepreneur to pivot their business models and explore untapped opportunities, funding becomes an inevitable step. Apart from choosing the right entity for registering the startup business, and going through the cumbersome process of following the various regulatory compliances, getting capital is vital for building and scaling the startup. Given such challenging circumstances in business, entrepreneurs seek high-end experts, who can bring-in tremendous benefits for their startups. Proven to be an immense help to entrepreneurs is Pune-based AlphaValley Advisors, a firm that offers fundraising advisory to early-stage startups, and investment research to institutional investors.

AlphaValley Advisors is one of the pioneers in the field of assisting entrepreneurs in developing materials such as information memorandum, business plan, financial model, and pitch decks. It also scouts investment opportunities for the network of partners, and works for PE/VC and family office firms in scouting investment opportunities and conducting investment research. "Our association at both ends of the spectrum helps us bridge the gap. We also work with select early stage startup founders to help them raise capital," says Abhishek Sinha, Founder, AlphaValley Advisors.

The Beginning
The inception of AlphaValley Advisors dates back to 2016, when Abhishek was working as a independent advisor.
After a few initial successful projects, the demand started flowing, and gradually, he built a team of financial analysts and consultants. Since then, team AlphaValley has worked with clients across the globe, including India, US, Europe, Middle East, Singapore, and Hong Kong. A majority of the company's business comes from word-of-mouth referrals and testimonials of the past clients. "We are a lean team of seven full-time members with finance and economics background. We invest a lot in continuous learning and knowledge-building because it is critical for achieving success in advisory business," in-forms Abhishek.

The company primarily works with startup founders like a CEO and CFO. It offers comprehensive support for raising capital. When it comes to advisory services, the team involves in preparation of business plan, market analysis, fine-tuning business model, competitive benchmarking, pitch book, and financial model development. In terms of capital raising services, it introduces the startup founders to relevant investors, exercises due diligence, and assists them in structuring the deal for startups in select domains. "We have worked on 50+ assignments so far, and have maintained client success of over 93 percent. There have been instances where we have developed a business plan in as fast as three-days and helped our clients raise capital. We have worked with some leading companies in firms and count noteworthy startup founders," mentions Abhishek.

We invest a lot in continuous learning and knowledge-building because it is critical for achieving success in advisory business

The Brighter Side
AlphaValley's guiding values are defined by the different verse from Mahabharata; the central idea being performing as students and not as experts, putting relentless efforts, being up-to-date, striving to offer the right & unbiased in-puts to one's senses, and going beyond the comfort zone to deliver value. In the wake of Covid-19, while raising capital for startups has become a major challenge, AlphaValley is advising its clients to keep their burn rate low and lower their valuation expectations. "Verticals such as AI/ML, Healthtech, and Edutech are ripe for fresh investments. We are extending help to startups in areas such as strategic con-tent creation and inbound marketing," adds Abhishek.

Moving forward, the company is rolling-out closing deals for some early-stage startups, as this space is not lucrative for a majority of merchant/investment banks. AlphaValley is working with a handful of tech startups in high-growth verticals such as Deep-tech, AI, health-tech, and SaaS. The team is evaluating adding services in marketing and technology consulting. Also, they are partnering with domain experts with a proven track record. "Our vision is to help technology startups obtain funds from PE/VC and angel investors. We are working towards it," concludes Abhishek.