AND Business Consulting: SMEs Go-to Destination For The Best Business Consulting Services

Dhruv Tandan, Kirti Poddatoori & Sowjanya Bonda,PartnersOne of the biggest challenges small and medium enterprises (SMEs) face is sustaining growth while keeping pace with the dynamic markets. SME entrepreneurs are tied up with day-to-day operations and find it difficult to take time out to think of the next stage of growth. They often depend on consultants for advisory services.

The existing options are either expensive, long-drawn or aren't solution-driven for the business. Also, unlike big enterprises, SMEs operate with lean management teams and don't have the bandwidth to take over and implement the growth recommendations made by the consultants.

Understanding these pain points, AND Business Consulting was established to bring result-oriented services at an affordable price. The Hyderabad-based company is a full-scale business consulting firm acting as a catalyst in steering SMEs through the unfamiliar terrain of dynamic markets. The company is the plug-and-play talent pool bridging the gap every time there is a growth spurt that needs extra management bandwidth. AND's forte also lies in evaluating, identifying, and complementing the functional gaps to help achieve SMEs full potential.

The `X' Factor
AND Business Consulting offers tailor-made,
comprehensive, and actionable solutions developed from their expertise across sectors, the experts in their network and extensive primary & secondary data analysis. AND provides organic & inorganic growth strategies by evaluating new opportunities or offering business process re-engineering & turn around services based on the SME's specific needs. AND's niche offerings include investment opportunity evaluation, feasibility studies, market bench-marking, due diligence, term sheets, financial modeling, and valuations.

Unlike larger consulting firms where the sales and execution teams can be different, clients get to work with the same team they evaluate during the sales process. AND's domestic clientele includes marquee names like Almond House, Green Park Hotels, and Mytrah Energy. AND Business Consulting also works extensively with international clients like the World Bank, BASF, Bright Heart Health, I/O Energy, among others.

"Most cases, second generation entrepreneurs who recently took over their family business seek our help to unleash their business value, professionalize their business, or prepare the business for growth. Based on the company's life-cycle, our services help entrepreneurs evaluate a new line of business, scale up their business, plan geographical expansion, implement technology, and more," says Ms. Sowjanya Bonda, Partner, AND Business Consulting.

AND Business Consulting offers tailor-made, comprehensive, and actionable solutions developed on sectoral expertise and extensive data analysis

Turning Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones
AND Business Consulting went through several teething troubles like getting headway into business communities that value intuition over business frameworks. It is navigating through this by integrating accepted management best practices into an intuition-based decision-making process. The team is specialized in breaking down decision-making into smaller sub-processes to help companies make incremental changes that help achieve the big directional change.

Today, several global companies are embracing Industry4.0 by implementing new technologies and investing large sums in this process. AND Business Consulting helps combine technology adoption strategies with business intelligence-based solutions, all with an eye on affordability and value, to generate both strategic insights and cost-efficiencies.