Anisha Arjun Hardasani: Prioritizing People's Safety With Fire Doors

Anisha Arjun Hardasani,CEONature-inspired lifestyle has touched all aspects of life. From sustainable energy, fashion, and interior designing to a way of living, people are making nature conscious choices for a safe and secure lifestyle. As Anisha, CEO ­ Anisha Arjun Hardasani, being a well qualified interior designer quotes "The nose of any house is the door itself.", so it's important to have the entrance of the house safe and secure for the occupants' safety. So, a prominent and sustainable demand for such wooden fire-rated and wood flush doors is on the rise along with its deliverance of top-notch security and safety standards.

This comprehensive combination provided by the company has brought forward nature-viable and secure doors that are tolerant of the changing climate and geographical conditions in the country. Keeping in mind, the varied climatic conditions in a geographically and culturally diverse country like India, the company has learnt to focus on the demand of the various cultures and tastes of people.

Anisha Doors' parent company - Wood Art Flush Doors founded by Mr. Arjun Hardasani, possesses a specialist experience of more than five decades in the field of doors and plywood manufacturing. With this legacy, Anisha Doors is transforming the fire door industry by launching products as per the fast-changing trends and needs of the consumers, making them more stylish and safe for the environment as well.

Transforming Fire-Rated Door And Flush Door Industry
The production houses are wide-spread across Gujarat as well as Maharashtra. The facility consists of world-class machinery
along with the best industry experts, highly experienced and efficient workforce. The most prominent product of the company is the fire-rated doors. The prominence can be fathomed by the fact that they have an assembly unit of about 10,000 sq ft in the heart of the city of Bombay where such doors are assembled and inspected through stringent quality checks to make them ready for installation. Every batch of 10 products is always checked for factors like strength, bonding, integrity, insulation finishes, termite treatments, etc.

Anisha Door has a batch of top-notch precision machines and experienced designers. They have excellent technological proficiency making it possible to produce high-quality doors with top-class product finishing. Anisha herself assures that the production facilities and workforce are regularly upgraded so that new innovative product designs for the market and the consumers are constantly on the roll. Also, she keeps the company updated from time to time with the latest certifications as per the NBC (National Building Code) requirements and norms while catapulting the establishment to become the only the first female owned fire door company in India.

From its inception in 2015, Anisha Arjun Hardasani is the first female owned company in India to supply Ipirti certified fire doors upto 120 mins

Headquartered in Mumbai, the company, within few years has expanded geographically in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa and Mangalore; and has been able to successfully establish a clientele with the likes of Magnum Towers, Aldeia de Goa, RA residencies and many other renowned township and construction companies and hotels; and prominent builders like Mehta Jaising Builders. Since its inception in 2015, Anisha Doors has achieved a feat that is unparalleled in the field of manufacturing fire-rated doors. Anisha Arjun Hardasani is first female owned company in supplying fire doors of 120 mins in India.

The company strives to achieve more in the field of sustainable production to attain low E1 emission products. Also, the company has inched itself to become an ISO certified company and the IPIRTI (Indian Plywood Industries Research and Training Institute) certified company for 60 mins and 120 mins wooden fire-rated door certification. At Anisha Arjun Hardasani, customer satisfaction is the utmost priority making the client experience better and better by delivering the best products and prioritizing the safety of the client and making every client special through their best in class after-sales service.

Anisha Arjun Hardasani, CEO
An astute professional, she is driving the company from the front and offering new range of wood and allied products.
Office: Mumbai
Offerings: Door Frames, Doors, Plywood and others