Anvi Technical Advisors: Valuation & Technical Advisory Servic

Srinivas MVDS , DirectorAsset valuation is an important constituent for the commercial success of most of the companies. Valuation can be a complicated analysis that should be performed by qualified valuation professionals to ensure fair value of any asset. ANVI is an initiative of team comprising of talent from IIT and NICMAR with new age, young and dynamic team, which focuses on use of advanced technology in an industry where prevailing usage of this technology is minimal.

ANVI stands for 'A Nex-GenValuation Intelligence' which aims at providing accurate, reliable and timely information on the realty market thus playing the role of most preferred knowledge partner to Banks, Financial Institutions, Corporate Clients, Government agencies. Approved to undertake valuations under Company Act, IndAS, GAAP, IBC 2016 and other statutory requirements. ANVI provides range of services from valuation and technical appraisal to consulting and research solutions.

ANVI is among the first valuer firms to be registered with IBBI as Registered Valuer Entity with specialization in Land & Building (LB), Plant & Machinery (P&M), Securities or Financial Assets (SFA) asset classes.

Started as a small team, grown to a team of five Directors and 40 qualified professionals, ANVI is led by professionals specializing in valuation and technical advisory services. Further, the team comprises of civil, mechanical engineers, management
graduates, and more who lend their expertise to provide customized solutions to our Clients.

ANVI has its head office at Hyderabad and branches at Vizag and Anantapur. Shortly planning to open in other cities as well. Provides services in corporate valuations, project valuations, company valuations, capital gains, mergers and acquisition, feasibility studies, Plant and Machineries, and business valuation, technical due diligence, lender independent engineer report and more.

Obula Reddy M, Director
The key persons of the company stay up-to-date with latest technologies, technical know-how, bye-laws, micro market analysis, technical guidelines, valuation standards, mar-ket dynamics and evolving requirements of clients.

Future Roadmap
The organization wants to spread its wings across major cities and develop all round capabilities of its team and produce go-to valuation professionals across the industry in the next few years.

Anvi stands for 'a nexgen valuation intelligence' which aims at providing accurate, reliable and timely information on the realty market thus playing the role of most preferred knowledge partner to banks, financial institutions, corporate client, government agencies

Word of advice by Directors
Srinivas MVDS:
Practical learning is as important as the theoretical knowledge. Learn, take support of your family, friends and start off on your own if you want to fly, make a difference in others' lives.

Obula Reddy M:
Following ethical and moral values will not only help an individual grow professionally and personally but also help the organization, all its stake holders involved have a sustainable organic growth and the overall society as a whole.