ARC Leadership Lab: Transforming Senior Leadership Behavioural Training in India

 Anand Mohan,  Master Consultant

Anand Mohan

Master Consultant

Over time, the Indian consulting industry has experienced significant expansion, both in terms of its scale and the range of services it provides. Amongst this, Organization Development Consulting in India is experiencing rapid growth, as more and more organizations recognize the significance of OD beyond its traditional applications such as Assessment Centres and Competency Frameworks. One significant driver behind the expansion of this market is the ongoing transition from emphasising efforts to prioritising outcomes within the realm of business. Upon examining the expansion of this industry, multiple enterprises have surfaced, offering services that show great potential. Amongst numerous players, Arc Leadership Lab positions itself as a prominent senior leadership behavior consulting firm within the country. The organization specializes in providing training and consulting services for senior management teams in the area of leadership behavioural skills. Its primary objective is to assist leaders in maximising their potential and achieving optimal performance. Based out of Bangalore, Arc Leadership Lab is renowned for vesting its focus on providing specialised services to leaders at the C minus one and minus two levels within corporates.

“Today, clients in this sector face a multitude of challenges like accuracy, competence and customized services. We, at Arc Leadership Lab, maintain speed and accuracy as a result of our 20+ years of experience in the field and our passion. When it comes to
competence, we have partnered with the world’s best authorities in the field of leadership behavioural science to bring high-quality international solutions. We tailor our offerings as per the needs of the clients. We are firm believers in apt diagnoses and work closely with stakeholders to craft solutions after having established a problem statement”, speaks Anand Mohan, Arc’s Master Consultant.

Arc Leadership Lab is known for its specialized leadership behavior consulting services. The firm offers Power Pay – Seal of Quality. Its unique offerings include leadership development, coaching, and consulting. Arc's signature offering ‘Leadership Bootcamp’ trains C-1 and C-2 leaders to shift from department focused to organizational-focused leadership. “We work in a very systematic way where we divide teams into smaller cross-functional groups with each group having a Business project, mentor and Coach to achieve the goal in 90 days”, adds Mohan.

The firm consists of group of individuals who have achieved financial independence and retired early. These professionals have come together to pursue their interests and expertise in the area of Leadership Behavioural Science. Anand Mohan the brain of the firm, is responsible for conceptualising and implementing all of the interventions conducted by Arc Leadership Lab. The company is setting milestones, from collaborating with multinational shipping entities to enhancing the central leadership team's capabilities to redirect their efforts towards attaining collective organizational outcomes. Additionally, the company has established affiliations with esteemed organizations such as Tekion, YML, Diligent, CMA CGM, Landmark Group, Keolis, Metro Brands, JCB, Proconnect, and numerous others. The company has also helped its clientele win various awards and accolades for outstanding leadership interventions.

Future Plans
Arc Leadership Lab has experienced significant expansion since its establishment. The company initially established its presence in Bangalore and subsequently expanded its operations to include Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Hyderabad. Due to a significant and positive reception, the organization is currently in the process of expanding its range of services in the Middle East and Singapore. The primary objective of this initiative is to address and resolve a total of 100 leadership behavioural issues, with the ultimate goal of compiling and publishing these cases as a reference book for future study and analysis. During September, Arc Leadership Lab initiated the implementation of the ‘Strategic Leadership Offsite’ programme.

“We are excited to share that ‘Strategic Leadership Offsite’ has received amazing feedback and has garnered a lot of interest from the CXO community”, signs off Ritu Chandwani, Arc’s Program Director.