ARC(ADI RAHEJA & CO): A Purpose-Driven Consulting Firm Practicing A Multidisciplinary Approach To Organizational Development

 Adi Raheja,  Principal Consultant

Adi Raheja

Principal Consultant

In today’s dynamic and hypercompetitive business landscape, it is extremely crucial for businesses to maintain high levels of performance across all their processes to maintain a competitive edge in the market. As a result, companies are undergoing serious transformations lately in terms of their organizational culture, people management, organizational structure and many others. However, this is easier said than done and demands skilled professionals with in-depth knowledge of various intricacies involved in the business. This is where organizational development (OD) consultants come into picture. By working closely with all stakeholders of the business, these consultants do a thorough research, identify areas that need improvement and offer recommendations for the companies to chart further course of action.

One such consulting form that is handholding clients and helping them to successfully traverse through the numerous intricacies and uncertainties of modernday business world is ARC (Adi Raheja and Co) “Having been in the OD space for over two decades, I saw the highly unorganized nature of this sector as a potential business opportunity and thus incepted ARC in 2014 with a vision to offer high quality true OD consulting to businesses. Initially we started offering basic workshops and programs, but then started looking at it from a project management standpoint and began working according to the expected final outcomes. The biggest breakthrough for us was when we successfully handled the cultural integration of a 12,000 people merger of two of the Indian corporates in 2016. Today, we have created a niche for ourselves in the industry as the experts in leadership development and organizational development areas”, says Adi Raheja, Principal Consultant, ARC.

Strongly believing that ‘Leaders Build Culture, Culture Builds Organizations’, ARC enables business leaders and professionals to enhance their leadership skills by providing them with a combination of experiential workshops, interventions and personalized coaching. Additionally, the ARC also facilitates Team Human Process Labs which challenges individuals to exhibit their true self and demonstrate congruent behavior. This, in turn facilitates effective collaboration, enhanced communication, and stronger relationships amongst the organization members.

The Specialist True OD Consultant

Well renowned across the industry for its highly cocreative, dialogic and experimental programs, some of ARC’s key practice areas include Organizational Development, Leadership Development, Assessments and Intellectual Property Mining. Applied Behavioral Science is at the core of ARC’s work, as it helps them understand why people behave the way they do. Additionally, the company’s offering are targeted towards three specific categories – leaders (Individual Assessments, Leadership Coaching and Leadership Assessment Journeys), teams (Team Assessments, Team Integration & Human Process Labs) and organizations (Organization Assessments, Organization Development Initiatives & Project Management Consulting). Furthermore, ARC follows a detailed list of over 400 diverse
frameworks in each of these practices, further stressing upon its commitment towards catering to every client expectation.

“We are a multidisciplinary OD firm that merges numerous methodologies and frameworks to achieve the desired outcomes for our clients. Our specialization lies in blending different methodologies to create maximum impact with minimum intervention. A few prominent methodologies that we inculcate within our practices include experiential learning, human process psychology, systems thinking, OD principles, process facilitation, research and many others. Adding on, our Team Integrations are a unique immersive and transformative experience comprising of various tools, exercises & discussions that develops vulnerability-based trust, openness, and cohesion among team members”, ARC team further explains.

Unlike other consulting firms that majorly focus on numbers, ARC is a purpose driven organization which works towards ‘Bringing Humaneness Back into Consulting’

Standing a Class Apart

Additionally, unlike other consulting firms that majorly focus on numbers, ARC is a purpose-driven firm which works towards ‘Bringing Humaneness Back into Consulting’. To do so, the firm strives to include every core aspect of an organization into its OD initiatives – right from culture integrations to values & vision, strategic initiatives, organizational structure and performance management. This has been a key differentiator for the company which has earned it the status of being the most sought-after OD partner among the business community. Till date, this exemplary OD firm has touched the lives of over 250,000 individuals from 250 organizations across five nations through 200 Leadership Development Journeys, 30 large Organization Development Initiatives and about 12,000 Assessments.

“We are not only the first company in our industry to utilize agile project management strategies to effectively manage our client projects, but also have the latest software and technology tools in place to track and monitor the progress of each project internally. This helps us to one of rare only OD consulting firms to provide clients with an impact report of the initiative. We also have our own internal research department which produces ground-breaking studies in our field. Our integrity and passion help us earn the trust of our clients”, Adi proudly says.

Expert Team of Professionals

While most consulting firms comprise of only two or three individuals, ARC is among the very few true OD consulting firms in India that consist of 20-25 team members. The firm not only has a strong team, but each of those team members are highly experienced professionals who are always ready to go that extra mile to satisfy clients’ requirements. As a result, they stand as the pillars of strength for ARC by helping it successfully find the underlying causes to visible problems of its clients.

“With our expertise in advanced competency-based methodologies, we provide facilitation for various needs, ranging from niche business problems to interteam conflict resolution and strategic meetings. Our practitioners are highly skilled professionals who possess deep knowledge and experience in their respective fields. They understand the intricacies of group dynamics and the importance of creating an environment that encourages active participation, open dialogue, and constructive problem-solving”, adds Adi.

The Way Forward

The fact that ARC doesn’t have a sales team right from the time of its inception but still caters to over 250 clients - all of whom have approached the company through word of-mouth trust - stands as a true testament to the firm’s service quality and domain expertise. Going forward, ARC plans to continue to remain true to its purpose by adopting the latest tools & technologies to serve its clients better and stay focused towards its purpose and values. Additionally, the company aspires to set benchmarks rather than just follow the trends and become the top-of the-mind choice for OD consulting by 2026. To achieve this, the firm plans to further expand its team and open new office in the days to come.