Arcedo Systems: Deploying World-Class Technology To Design, Install And Commission Benchmark Solar Projects Worldwide

Sandeep Vangapalli,Managing Director

Sandeep Vangapalli

Managing Director

Adynamically evolving segment, the renewable energy sector is rising significantly at a rapid pace in India owing to its faster construction period and ease of adaptability. Contributing to the socio-economic growth of the country, renewable energy sources are gradually empowering the rural households of India as well. Considered to be much economical than other existing conventional power sources, solar energy implementation has made `Grid Parity' a much easier and flexible concept which ensures the possibility for areas without power for the last 73 years to be powered by them.

A frontrunner in the renewable energy sector Arcedo Systems was established in 2016 with an aim to deliver customer value for money while developing a partnership relationship rather than a typical client-contractor one. Holding global expertise in developing, engineering, building, and operating large-scale photovoltaic (PV) systems, Arcedo Systems is a fully forward-integrated and comprehensive EPC solutions provider that deploys world-class technology to design, install and commission benchmark solar projects worldwide.

Catering To Specific Tailored Need Solutions
Designing renewable energy systems to cater to specific tailored need solutions in the field of solar services, EV infrastructure, BESS and MEP Solutions Arcedo Systems is always a step ahead in terms of the latest trends and technologies in global practices and compliances. The key business areas around which Arcedo Systems contributes include Solar PV System Design, Engineering & Consultancy Services, Civil, Electrical, & Structural Services for Solar PV Power plants, Floating Solar Power Projects, Battery Storage Systems, Rooftop SPV Projects, Substations & Transmission Lines, Energy Auditing, Data oriented operations & maintenance, Bid Management, System reliability testing and Performance analysis and diagnosis of Solar PV plants.

With a business model ranging from the acquisition of developed sites to the servicing and maintenance of completed solar arrays throughout its lifespan, the highly skilled and dedicated EPC Team at Arcedo System ensures the completion of each solar plant from concept to commissioning including its operation and maintenance for the complete lifespan of the plant.

Ensuring Better Yields And RoI
Over the years, Arcedo Systems has established an internationally accredited expertise in engineering and technology,
procurement and project management, construction and commissioning, along with a strong command over asset management. "Our USP lies in Optimized Design, Operation and maintenance of Engineering & Services in the system which we have built/installed to upkeep the system for better yields and ROI. Our knowledge and hands-on experiences on latest technologies like Mono PERC, Hetero Junction modules, String and Microinverters as well as international standards like IEC & IS for SPV design, project execution, operations, performance analytics and management and adhering to the same while implementing projects is something we religiously follow as standard operating procedures," says Sandeep Vangapalli, Managing partner, Arcedo Systems.

The bagging of repeated orders from regular prestigious clients depicts the testimony of the services ensured by Arcedo systems and how it has been well appreciated, recognised and received

The bagging of repeated orders from regular prestigious clients depicts the testimony of the services ensured by Arcedo Systems and how it has been well appreciated, recognized and received. "Our core strength lies in the deep understanding of technology combination and system designs to fit client requirements on generation vs investment curve. One of the areas where some of the customers face difficulty is the shortage of rooftop space with higher consumption/higher sanctioned load. We overcome them by adopting and recommending solutions like solar carport and BIPVs, though due to costlier propositions, customers often choose Mono PERC technologies.

Most of our MNCs/corporate customers, though they have an interest in renewable energy, need a lot of initial support in terms of technology selection, approval processes, and cost-benefit analysis. Arcedo has successfully developed some models with case studies, which helps these customers to take the right decision. Most of our EPC projects are under maintenance services, where we follow a procedural quarterly preventive site visit via AMC (Annual maintenance contract) and ensure the regular cleaning of modules along with corrective maintenance and measures for regular O&M," quotes Sandeep.

Future And Beyond
Arcedo Systems continuously thrive and explore opportunities to engage with government for taking-up various social activities through empowering Panchayat level bodies with ideas and solutions through Microgrid solution and off-grid systems. It has recently ventured into an e-mobility platform under another subsidiary company which is a fleet operating for 2-wheeler and 3-wheeler platforms for Tier-2 Cities contributing lesser pollution and immense carbon savings. Apart from that, Arcedo Systems provide technical consultancy, design and Engineering as separate solutions with a YoY growth of around 50 to 80 percent.

"Exploring innovative solar energy projects is certainly our primary goal, so we have expanded in geographies and we are exploring in markets like Rwanda, Thailand and GCC for expansion as it holds immense potential. We have recently opened an office in Chennai, India as we have got a government project and expanded our territory. The expansion of our e-mobility solution throughout Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is one of our recent targets. Also, we are implementing charging stations with solar solutions to make it more sustainable as part of our contribution to lesser pollution," concludes Sandeep.

Sandeep Vangapalli, Managing Director
Holding over eight years of diversified experience in manufacturing, engineering, EPC, strategic development & project management in solar energy, appliance and energy industries, Sandeep has served various organizations before heading Arcedo.
Location: Hyderabad
Offerings: Solar Services, EV Infrastructure, BESS< MEP Solutions