ARISTI NINJA: A Cyber and Information Security Consulting & Services Company

Sapan Talwar,CEOSecurity threats have known to evolve over time, refining their astuteness at every now and then, proving to be a challenge even to highly reinforced premises. From personal and organizational standpoint, it is therefore necessary to perpetually monitor the security standards adopted and to have a system of audit and compliances to ensure the negation of risks and vulnerabilities. For many of us, our mobile devices store valuable and confidential data and thus it becomes vital to defend them against attacks. While addressing each of these security requirements specifically through distinct services, ARISTI NINJA Pvt. Ltd., a Gurgaon based company, aims to become a valued partner to its clients.

Offering guidance around security measures, post delivery support, periodic notifications & advisory, all free of cost, ARISTI NINJA has a service-oriented side that grantsit uniqueness. Rather than tackling the consequences of an attack which has surfaced, the company takes a proactive stance focused on prevention of security breaches. Driven by ethics &values, it offers vulnerability & penetration test,IT risk assessment, audit & compliance (exercise may include one /all/mix of the requirements from enterprise security policies, regulatory requirements, contractual requirements and
industry best practices) along with several other services, while the applicable standards/acts include ISO/HIPPA/PCI DSS/Indian IT-Act/GDPR/Common Control Framework and others.

For nascent enterprises with little exposure to cyber security, Ninja’s formulates security roadmaps, performs the necessary restructuring and creates guidelines or policies to abide by on the security journey

Comprehensive Set of Solutions
ARISTI NINJA team understands that security measures have to be commissioned across all the levels of an organization to make the environment secure.For nascent enterprises with little exposure to cyber security, Ninja’s formulates security roadmaps, performs the necessary restructuring and creates guidelines or policies to abide by on the security journey. The niche service of virtual CISO helps organizations do just this by building the security strategy and laying the foundations of the organization’s security program. Subsequently, the information security governance program stipulates the standards / policies to shape the security infrastructure of the client organization. Thereafter, the company delivers services to make the installed strategies fool proof and reliable – the risk assessment and security architecture review service pin-points deficiencies and limitations in the existing infrastructure. To inspect the level of adherence to regulations
/ organization policies / industry practices, audit &compliance service scrutinizes existing security controls of the organization.

Services such as Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Testing/Source code Analysis / Configuration reviews assist organizations in building secure applications or platforms. Catering to the mobile device domain, mobile security assessment and consulting service aids enterprises to navigate the dynamic threat landscape stemming from mobile devices. ARISTI NINJA also offers security training to clients to arm and edify them with ways and means to manage security threats. With the depth of the training customized according to the level of stake holder involvement in the security processes, the training content is tailored for employees, system administrators, developers and C-Level executives with in an enterprise.

The Security Warriors
Standing for ‘security warriors’, ARISTI NINJA is continuously up-scaling team skills and adding tools to tackle the meta morphosis of security threats, while exceeding market expectations and ensuring best-in-class delivery to its clients. Led by veterans from global enterprises, the company has made substantial progress since its institution in May, 2017 and has plans to spread its wings far and wide. “We believe in delivering quality work within strict timelines,and constantly work towards building long term and trust-worthy partnerships in fully aligning with customers’ business requirements. Starting from domestic markets, currently we are in the process of expanding our operations to international market and identify key partners in different regions,”says Sapan Talwar, CEO, ARISTI NINJA.