AUM Capital: Builds & Preserves Financial Wealth of Clients with Generating Best Returns & Proper Diversification

Dinesh K. Jain, Managing Director

Dinesh K. Jain

Managing Director

On the global front, the volume of investable assets of high-net-worth individuals (HNI) is projected to increase by around 25 percent to almost $70 trillion by 2021, stressing the need for effective wealth management. India in particular is beholding a major boom in wealth management business with the surge in customization, financial assets, dependence on technology, need for lending solutions and awareness, thereby creating opportunities in volumes for Wealth Managers. Perfectly poised to leverage this opportunity is AUM Capital Market Private Limited, a pioneer in crafting unique wealth management solutions for HNI, families and institutions to build and preserve their financial wealth. Besides wealth management, AUM Capital also delivers services across equity broking, international finance, buyer's/supplier's credit, insurance broking and DP-CDSL & NSDL and apparently silhouettes as a one-stop-financial boutique investment advisory firm.

Based in Kolkata – a city that’s considered to be superior to other
markets in India regarding estate
planning or setting-up trusts, AUM Capital is greatly prominent for infusing global standards with domestic financial advisory services. Regardless of the disruptive challenges like competition, rise in regulatory requirements, upswing in risk costs, choosing the right return/risk combination, fluctuation in interest rates and many more, the firm sails forward by emphasizing mainly on the people’s need to create and enhance wealth. Dinesh K Jain, Managing Director, AUM Capital, elucidates, "Creating wealth quickly is not a piece of cake and it is highly imperative for people to link the investments with their goals".

"AUM Capital strongly vests its belief in maintaining constant flow of communication with the clients to bolster solid relationships with them"

Practices Par Excellence
Adorned with attributes like unparalleled experience, in-depth research and organized decision-making, AUM Capital devises appropriate investment and wealth management processes to its clients. To do so, the firm practices unique strategies of asset allocation based on the client’s risk profile, has a strong research team, and imparts regular training to its team, so that the wealth managers are updated on new products and have proper knowledge of the market and its products. With providing almost all the investment options/services under one roof, AUM Capital as a firm ensures to achieve best return and diversification on par with regulatory compliances for clients' portfolios.
Professional yet Emotional Associations
AUM Capital strongly vests its belief in maintaining constant flow of communication with the clients to bolster solid relationships with them. Especially for the investors, it provides customized solutions through its private client services group by deploying all its experience and expertise. To summarize, AUM Capital directs every client to reliable and accurate sources of data amidst the wavering market trends while associating with them on an emotional level too. One of its prestigious clients, M Ramaswamy (CFO, Sundaram Finance Limited) states, “I am happy to experience AUM Capital’s excellent service, TAT and highly responsive best practices and very impressed with their regular updates and availability to answer my queries. I deeply appreciate their efforts and engagement and look forward to continuing a long relationship with them”.

Aum Capital under the aegis of Dinesh has built-up emotional relationship on both sides. While on the one hand the firm believes in the philosophy of 'Once our client always our client,' and hence, the entire team believes in providing best service to the client. This being a service industry, it’s the after sales service that differentiates the players – clients interest is of prime importance. On the other hand, the Jain treats team as his own family and has a long lasting relationship with both its clients and his team.