Be The Phoenix: Tailoring OD Solutions to Match Business Aspirations

 Swati Sinha,  Founder & Director

Swati Sinha

Founder & Director

The growth of the Indian economy, particularly driven by growing business competitiveness, fueled by greater FDI investments, increasing MNC penetration, more technically skilled workforce, and impetus on digital transformation, remote working, cross-cultural work environment are driving the demand for organization development and strategy consultants. The shifting leadership roles and VUCA are further increasing workplace complexity requiring consultants to provide solutions for navigating these challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

However, clients often face challenges with an inability to recognize the organization’s needs, an unwillingness of the employees to adopt new changes, resource constraints, and cultural differences in the implementation of such modifications. To overcome these challenges, BE THE PHOENIX founded in 2021 by Swati Sinha, offers comprehensive organization development solutions focused on trust building through active listening and a collaborative approach with all stakeholders.

Holistic Range of Solutions

Within the realm of corporate and business services, BE THE PHOENIX’s solutions encompass leadership management, team bonding, self-guided improvement and CSR solutions. These core service categories include solutions including leadership coaching, art of story-telling, mindfulness coaching, My Mindset, OD coaching, life coaching, executing coaching, community development, and assessments and surveys.

The firm’s services stand out due to the holistic approach undertaken for designing
solutions focused on process, structure, and human aspect of culture and leadership. Additionally, data driven insights and SWOT assessments are leveraged to build customized actionable plans aligned with the values and vision of each organization. For the success of these solutions, the firm emphasizes a partnership approach, working closely with clients, understanding the challenges, and co-creating solutions and providing ongoing support for acceptance and ownership.

“My USP lies in being that supportive friend who pushes the client out of their comfort zone to achieve well-formed outcomes through focused, guided and planned interventions. I use both qualitative and quantitative information to feel the pulse of the organization. Personal interviews and surveys of the stakeholders, findings of the cultural assessment, employee engagement, 360-degree feedback, customer engagement, performance metrics helps to understand the strength and opportunity for improvement. These are some of the measures that help me elevate my solutions”, shares Swati Sinha, Founder and Director, BE THE PHOENIX.

BE THE PHOENIX’s solutions encompass leadership management, team bonding, self-guided improvement & CSR solutions

Future Roadmap

“The journey of BE THE PHOENIX started during the COVID 19 pandemic when everything and anything was uncertain and unknown. During my association with a few educational institutes, I focused on Carpe Diem to facilitate change from physical classrooms to virtual platform and shift from non-resourceful state to resourceful state of mind for smooth day to day functioning. As a result, since its incorporation, the firm has been partnering with individuals and organizations in their journey of development and learning. Both in person and virtual consultancy is provided so the business opportunities are global”, further shares Swati.

As BE THE PHOENIX plans for its future adventures, it anticipates a growing demand for change management and OD services driven by geo-political instability, high inflation, market fluctuation, and the post-impact of the pandemic. As organizations across the world gear up to emphasize sustainability, resilience, collaboration, risk-based strategies, collaborative responsibility, and holistic wellbeing of employees, organization development solutions will become critical.

To address these challenges and fulfill its commitment of bringing valuable intervention in the lives of people, BE THE PHOENIX is charting a holistic map for its future growth. As per this blueprint, the firm will focus on increasing the incorporation of digital tools and AI for designing more user-friendly and quick solutions and explore app-based and self-guided learning projects to enhance efficiency.