Beacon Surveyors LLP : Catering Inspection and Insurance Services for Marine Industry

Captain Pankaj Chhetri                          ,CEO & Principal Marine Surveyor

Captain Pankaj Chhetri

CEO & Principal Marine Surveyor

The shipping industry has seen rapid development over the course of the past few years. Ships have been growing in size over the past few years and this seems to be a continuing trend. Every year new plans are created to outsize the currently available mega-ships. There have been numerous significant initiatives in the industry including the development of the cargo handling capacity at major ports, and reduction of the average turnaround time of ships, amongst others.

Founded in 1995, Beacon Surveyors, headquartered in Gujarat, was restructured in 2015 and registered as Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) as Beacon Surveyors LLP (BSL). BSL provides a first-rate marine, cargo &insurance surveying, inspection and consultancy service to the maritime industry, P&I and H&M underwriters and cargo interest. Also, the company caters to the insurance surveyors & loss adjusters, chartered engineers, flag state inspectors, class & statutory surveyors, and internal auditors.

“Beacon Surveyors is completely an ISO 9001:2015 Certified independent survey company. We provide an efficient, top-quality professional service, with fast, succinct, erudite communications at all times”, said Captain Pankaj Chhetri, CEO & Principal Marine Surveyor, Beacon Surveyors LLP.

Consulting Services
Innovations are made each day that reduce the environmental footprint of ships. These innovations bring improvements to the engines, better propeller performance, and high-tech coatings, as well as friction-reducing air cushions. Skysails too, are reducing carbon and sulfur emissions. Beacon Surveyors LLP provides various kinds of services and surveys to maintain marine services. These services include ship & marine surveys, cargo & container surveys, insurance surveys & loss adjusting, consulting, ultra sonic testing, safety audits and pre-vetting inspection of bulk carriers. Firstly, BSL’s ship and marine surveys offering includes pre-purchase condition inspection, P&I and H&M condition surveys, vessel general condition surveys, hull damage surveys, draught & deadweight surveys, collisions/ grounding and many more. Secondly, as part of its cargo & container surveys, BSL provides hatch cleanliness inspection, steel & general cargo pre-shipment & condition surveys, break-bulk cargo in-stow and outturn surveys and claims, grain & bulk cargo sampling, and cargo quality surveys. These surveys are conducted for the clients for growth and productivity, so that they can mitigate their risks and transform many of their challenges into opportunities.

BSL provides a firstrate marine, cargo & insurance surveying, inspection and consultancy service to the maritime industry, P&I and H&M underwriters and cargo interest

Furthermore, the company also acts as a loss adjuster where they investigate complex or contentious claims on behalf of underwriters. BSL investigates the scene of an incident; establishes the causes of the loss and whether it is covered by the insurance policy. Additionally, BSL provides consulting services, which include out turn cargo surveys, cargo damage surveys, bagged and bulk cargo surveys, tallying & supervision, cargo quality surveys, and ultrasonic testing.

The portfolio extends to a safety management system that carries out various safety audits according to the latest industry standards. Audits and inspections are performed to ensure and measure the degree of implementation and effectiveness of arrangements in place. The company has a monitoring tool that allows them to analyze outcomes of audits, inspection & vetting, and can show trend lines of observed deficiencies. Not only this, BSL’s Prevetting Inspection can help to minimize or even eliminate the risk of negative observations. Moreover, the overall objective is to identify any deficiencies which are likely to cause a negative response during vetting.