Behera & Associates: Offering a Comprehensive Range of Engineering Building Services

Building services engineers bring buildings to life by designing the mechanical and electrical systems that allow people to function within an enclosed structure. This kind of engineering involves the production and maintenance of a stable internal environment that has the correct temperature, air quality and lighting levels. It requires the provision of all the necessary backup support systems such as power, hot and cold water and lifts. The installation of life protection systems such as fire alarms, escape routes and sprinkler systems is an important responsibility as well. These functions must be linked to sophisticated building management systems to ensure effective control and to minimise energy consumption.

Integrating expertise in mechanical, electrical and public health engineering, New-Delhi based Behera & Associates design the systems that support buildings and create a delightful environment for the people who use them. As a leading building services consultant (Plumbing & Fire Fighting Consultants)for construction projects in India, the company provides clients with comprehensive range of Engineering Building Services including Plumbing/Sanitary, Fire Protection, Water Treatment Plants, Effluent/Sewage.

Behera & Associates is headed by Mr. Somanath Behera. After completing his Civil Engineering in 1989, he started his own business as a local contractor and worked for CPWD & RD Department. Later he came to Delhi on 1995 and joined M/s. MKG Consultant, one of the leading plumbing and Fire Fighting consultants in Delhi. With more than 15 years of experience on designing PHE Services of Townships, Plumbing and Fire Fighting works for Hotel, Hospital, Mall, Offices, Commercial building, Multistoried buildings, Group Housing projects, he established his own venture in 2008.

An Edge over Others
The company houses well qualified engineers and staff fully equipped to offer engineering
Somnath Behera   ,Managing Director & Founder

consultancy service for Multi Storied Housing, Multiplexes, Commercial Complexes, Residential Colonies, Hotels, Resorts, Hospitals, Sports Stadiums, Shopping Centers, Institutional Building, and Industrial Projects, township projects, and others. It not only also creates, designs and implements efficient, effective and elegant systems and infrastructure for heating, cooling, lighting and all the other systems a building needs but also use these systems to create stimulating, productive environments.

What makes the company stand out in the crowd is its flexible, integrated approach to projects of all shapes and sizes

What makes the company stand out in the crowd is its flexible, integrated approach to projects of all shapes and sizes. This enables the team to provide innovative design solutions that are tailored to their customers' specific requirements. The services span across the Plumbing, Sanitary & PHE, Water& Sewage Treatment, Fire fighting, and Rain Water Harvesting. "Our indepth knowledge makes us the ideal partners to deliver outstanding performance while maximising value for money,"says Somnath. The fire protection system offered by the company is based on national and international standards. "Generally, we design firefighting system based on national building code 2016, NFPA, FM Global,"he informs.

The Growth
What started with 2 members today has grown to a company that houses a team of 15 employees. Since inception, the company has registered a decent growth. It has completed approximately 2000+ projects till date including Airports/Metros/ Hospital/Hotels/Group housing/ Industries. In the coming years, Behera & associates will focus more on its clients and address most critical issues and sustainability across all industries.